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South Haven 9/2 AM to PM

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South Haven 9/2 AM to PM


No good.  Skunked first time this year.

We started with lines in around 7:30 AM in 75 FOW.  No marks.  Trolled out to 105 and found a solid layer of activity at 40-45 feet down.  Trolled south for a few miles tracking the same concentration of multiple marks and what appeared to be bait at 40-45 down with not a hit.  That concentration spanned out to 113 FOW and in to 105...now where else.   Occasional marks at 95-105 down and the upper 20 feet.  Not sure what we saw on the screen, but the concentration was heavy and extended for a few miles from straight out, to north of the piers.  Much more sporadic south of the piers.  Anybody else see what we saw on the graph

Fished continuously from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM with not a single hit.  Didn't want to quit as we've taken at least one fish every outing since early Spring. 

What's with friendly fisherman out of South Haven?  Hailed the friends over the radio for fishing reports most launches there...no feedback.  Are the natives friendly out their????


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Was really hoping this was going to be the report where someone got into them.

We had the same thing in Port Sheldon last Saturday, marks and bait, small balls, at 40 over 105'. Loose bait and hooks at 80 down.  Hits came deep but the temp break was deeper that night.

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