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  1. I'm sorry I didn't see this thread until now. Dan ignore these miserable folks. You fish it often enough you're able to judge when not to post reports. I've netted so many fish myself because there was nobody else fishing on the pier I was on. Only once did one of my reports blow up the pier pretty bad. I was still able to get the spot I fished the day before so my regret went away quickly. I got yelled at by tons of folks. What they didn't know was I was fishing alone the 2 previous days. Then 2 days after it was super busy the pier was empty again. So in the long term. I don't regret posting. You know the pier. You got good judgement. You should post when you want. For whitefish, most guys are gonna show up with store bought eggs and fish once or twice and never return. Its rare you get a guy who gets the proper eggs & fish it regularly. They all go back to st joe or their home pier. So its kinda hard to blow out the pier with guys when it comes to whitefish. For steelhead there is unlimited room on the beach and there is tons of room in the river. The other rivers have more steelhead so folks won't stick around unless they're super local for the most part.
  2. If one or a few of you wants to go to the harbor commission meeting. I'd love to go with. That's where all the decisions have really been made for the launch.
  3. Skunk reports are the hardest to write. I do appreciate them greatly. Thank you.
  4. I release a lot of fish. I make judgement though based on how active the fish is once I caught it. How long the fight took. How much warm water is there. Right now there is cold water not very far down. I'd release a fish in a heartbeat in this. Sometimes unfortunately I just feed the seagulls. If someone is with me that eats fish. I'm happy to help fill his freezer. About 50 seconds into this video they release a fish. They tow it until it looks healthy. Once it looks good, they let it go. You could also do this method and if its dead. Just reach over cut its gills. bleed it and stick it in the cooler 5 minutes later.
  5. Purchase the wild caught. Its better for the local fisheries. Those farms bring in diseases.
  6. Fished SH tonight. That was the only spoon we could get to work tonight. Without your report. We would have have probably skunked! Thank you!
  7. Thanks for the report. It was definitely a tough night out there. We set lines in 55. Trolled out to 145. Caught 1 small king in 125. We went towards the south. We didn't mark anything until 100 fow. I tried talking on the radio but something is messed up & I forgot the handheld. Downrigger released 3-4 times today & we missed it. All the action was on moonshine moonshine. Thanks to ed's report earlier for getting me to pull that one out of the box.
  8. Thanks for the report. Especially the part about the marks in the channel.
  9. Thanks for the report Is the moonshine moonshine the 4 black dotted spoon?
  10. I'll be out wednesday PM too. Will you have your radio on? 68 or 72?
  11. South Haven 8/25 PM Went 4-6(?) 2 fish - White spin doctor w/ green fly on copper 300 in 85-90 fow 1 fish - mountain dew spin doctor on slide diver a few feet off the bottom in 112 fow 1 fish - Silver streak yellow tail. Copper 250 in 85 fow 3 kings 1 coho South troll at 2.2 to 2.7 North troll at 2.5 to 3.0
  12. SH 8/14 pm Left the dock at 2pm. Heard 150-160 were good. They were not good. Didn't catch a fish until 5:30. We started marking fish as we went in from 140. Best depth was 122. I had a new crew. Every rod went off at least once. copper 150-200-225-250-275-300 2 downriggers set at 85 and 115 and a slide diver. I had my slide diver bouncing bottom at 125. When we came into shallow water we reeled it in a few feet. I think it was around 275 out. I got that big ring & weight kit. If you like lakers go 2.2 If you don't like lakers. Go faster. went 8-15. 4 lakers 2 coho 1 steelhead 1 king (not a big one)(Where are they?) got back to the launch a little more than hour after sunset. Mixed veggies & mountain dew spin doctor stood out. I can't catch a fish at all going north or west or north west. All my fish come from east or south or southeast. If anyone knows what i'm doing wrong. I am all ears.
  13. I don't eat fish. I used to give it all away but I have stopped doing that. I found out I was giving away fish to people who said they wanted it but would just put it in their freezer and never eat it. So now I've got 2 families that I can trust to eat everything I give them. I throw back a majority of the fish I catch. The ones I got to keep due to water temps or needing eggs. They usually go to one of those two homes. If you fish next to me on the pier. If you're nice and net my fish. I will almost always offer it to you. You want someone to tell you all their fishing secrets? Give them all your fish. Looking at the above post I need to become friends with someone who hunts.
  14. Are your friends fishing a different pier than you? The water is still a tad warm here. Fishing is just going to be hit and miss until its cools down more. Certain ports get hot while others are slow. I hardly ever let my spoons hit the bottom. I don't like to lose spoons. Not only do you want to play with how fast you reel in the spoon. You also want to play with how long you let it sink before you start to reel it in. Fishing next to someone who knows what they're doing and mimicking what they're doing will help you probably more than anything. You need to go fishing with your friends and watch exactly what they do. Also, look for blood on the pier you're fishing. See if you see any signs of anyone else catching fish.
  15. The science says that the alewife are their side of the lake are doing a better job of reproducing. Makes sense that they would be willing to hold off on the king cuts on their side of the lake. I found it more interesting that they did a pretty big cut in brown trout. I did not hear brown trout brought up for discussion or debate on this side of the lake.
  16. Ed, I remember when you were in here pushing to get things ran in this state based on "sound science". What the DNR is doing is sound science. What you're proposing isn't how science works. You don't abandon it when it doesn't say what you want it to say. Now, Should the laker stockings be drastically cut? Absolutely. I agree with you fully on that. Will they need to cut the kings until the overall laker population can be drawn down? Yes. I hope you're successful on getting the lake trout cut drastically. I hope you're not successful on temporary cuts to the kings.
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