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Saturday on the Bay

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Saturday on the Bay

My beautiful bride and I set lines in 6-8 ft off the Kawkawlin at 7:30 and caught a nice little eater right away but after 30 minutes of zebras and salad we headed deeper.  We set up just south of the dumping grounds and trolled sw on the deep side of a contour line in 12-14 feet of water and picked up 8 more nice eyes and a couple perch. Things slowed about noon and we ran further north to 23' but only got one more for about an hour of fishing. Simple crawler spread on the bottom at 1.5 mph. The huminbird said the water was 64 degrees which I though was surprisingly warm. 

Great day on the bay. 

I wanna give a huge shout out to Mike Vein for the water bucket tip with crawlers. Genius, why didn't I think of that. Forever grateful. 


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nice fish great table fair the bay is just loaded with 13 to 18 Inch fish no matter where u go it seems. I Fished  a walleye tournament out of Elkton yyesterday with my two handicapped friends and the top 10 teams fished pt.Austin to harbor beach in 50 to 100 fow of water trolling salmon setups with standard size spoons off rivers leadcore and copper and had a 7 pound average on eyes plus several boats had steelhead Lakers coho and Chinook so that's where all the big girls are.

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Wow salmon setups for walleye in June?  Seems like an early exit from the bay, but maybe that's because there are so many walleye.

I saw your post about the slot off Sand Point.  We started Sunday in the same 12-14' and only got a few, so we ran up to Nianquin's steep bank and caught a few more.  

We caught a couple perch Saturday and marked a lot of fish in the middle of the water column that I figured were perch.  I love catching walleye but would like to see a healthy diverse population of fish too.  

We are blessed to have such a great fishery.

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