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South Haven 4/1 and 4/2

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South Haven 4/1 and 4/2

This is my first post on the site but want to thank everyone over the past two years... I just started fishing Lake Michigan two years ago and have learned a lot from reading posts...so here goes my first report...

Started out Saturday with my dad in the morning around pier heads and caught nothing. Started making our way south. Mostly fished around power plant in 15-40 fow zig zagging. We picked away at them and got our coho limit. Missed three or four fish and something HUGE that hit our outside planner and ran about 250 feet until it came off. Most fish were caught on thin fish off dipsy back 35-60 feet or thundersticks off planner. Nothing would hit dodger and fly or spoons. My dad wanted to see something a little bit bigger so we ran out to 50fow and picked up 4 lakers in about 45 minutes using spoons and dipsys. We called it a day around 5pm and we're happy with our box. 

Went back to same coho water Sunday and it was definetly a lot slower. First fish came while holding the rod and setting dipsy back with thinfish...startled me a bit Thought it was a good sign that it would be a great day. There were boats everywhere so the word must have gotten out that coho were around. Fished from 8-2 and ended up 7-10 with 5 coho a brown and a laker. Thinfish caught 5 fish on dipsy, thunderstick caught one and spoon on dipsy caught one.  Talked to some buddies that fished the same water and they gave up on coho and went out and got a box of trout, which made me feel better with our 5.

In myrtle beach now for spring break... picked the right week the way the weather looks. 

See you next week on the water! Hoping to get out Sunday



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