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Beaver Trol trolling plate

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Just curious if anyone uses one of these and how well they work? The 1991 Lund 2250 Sport Fisherman I purchased last fall has one and hydrolysis for it works, just haven't tested the boat out in the water. Boat has the 4.3LX with 4 bladed prop.


Just wondering what kind of speeds this plate will get.me down to. Thanks.


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Bought a used one a few years ago, used it for at least part of one season, seemed to work well until the plate fell off
I've used bags ever since and like the ride better in rough water

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I had one that had springs on it, that way I didn't have to remember to flip it up when motoring in and out.  It worked great while trolling.  I can't recall what it dropped my speed to.  Steering was a little bit more difficult, but not too bad.  The problem I had is the springs kept breaking.  Apparently my 250 HP outboard was too much for it.  I switched to trolling bags and those work well  I use them when walleye fishing.  I haven't needed them for salmon fishing.  I agree that bags help the ride in rougher water.

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my 24' 302 came with one and i really like it i can get down under 2.0 if needed. my plate broke off last year and fishing without it sucked couldnt get under 3.0 i did have a bag i used rest of the morning but i was in 4 footers which deemed my sport pilot worthless like that. bought a new unit for like $125 i think and that afternoon was back in business

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