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Holland am, 9-2-16

Fished 7:15-12pm, 2/7, 35-125 fow, cold water in close, lots of marks, had a couple of rips, but couldn't keep them on the hook. Moved out to 80-125 range marked fewer, again several rips, but picked up 8# laketrout and 4-1/2# coho.

DR took both laketrout and coho with speckled dick meat rig. 1st one 31 dwn, in 90fow, 2.9 sog @ball, temp 48.4, west troll. 2nd one 55dwn, in 123fow, 3.0 sog @ball, temp 42.7, se troll.

Lost real nice steelhead on surface bite while letting out line. 0-1 ft waves. Tim from Whitewhale joined me again today as well as a winged friend on reel.(Chickadee?)



2016-09-02 14.25.33.jpg



2016-09-02 14.25.18.jpg


2016-09-02 15.44.04.jpg

2016-09-02 09.47.55.jpg

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Yup it's a king.  Bird is a warbler.  I was out there from 5:45 to 10:30.  Clipped the damn unlighted green buoy in the dark. Luckily just a scratch.  Worked the pierheads for an hour or so in the dark with nothing to show for it.  Picked up and ran out to 50.  Worked that for a while bumped out to 90 where I finally started to mark some fish.  Took 2 lakers both released in there and then turned west until I took a 5 lb king in 165fow. Pulled lines shortly after that.  King and one of the trout came on a Streak jr pink alewife.  Surface temp was 70 out deep.  Coldest I found was 47 just South of the pierheads

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Warbler, thanks.

I haven't seen a king flake like this one if it is one. Mouth color can be deceiving at times(picture angle). The tail was not full of large spots, which is typically of kings, but on the upper portion of the tail as coho. Look closely if you zoom in to the tail in the cooler.
I hate that bouy that is unlit as you mentioned. I'm always on the lookout for it.

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We've got 2 buoys in Muskegon Lake that are in my path to the channel.....I have them marked on my GPS and know where they are at as a result. Always a good idea to have any known hazards marked on the GPS in case of low vis or heading in or out when dark.

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Actually, the little winged friend is a nuthatch. Google it and you'll see an exact picture of it. There are two varieties in Michigan. You won't see warblers upside down like that very often but nuthatches do it all the time. 

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