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First trip of the year. 1 turn of the key motor started. 1 pull of the cord the kicker started. Just a great first trip.


3 Coho

1 King

2 Misses

0 lakers


The king was caught on a rigger 33 down 25 back in 95 fow (lemon head spoon)

The 3 coho were caught on a 150 copper(carmel/orange dolphin), 200 copper(blueish spoon don't remember exactly(sorry)), & 150 copper (carmel/orange dolphin)

We had a miss on a double orange crush 2 color core. Need to redo the drags on this reel.

We had another miss on the 150 copper (carmel/orange dolphin) . You know the story. Ripped line out like we hooked a boat headed in the opposite direction. Jumped in the air to show us how big he was and then spit the hook.

We ran out to 80 headed in a North West direction. Dropped lines. Picked up one coho at 97. Trolled until we hit 140. Turned left at 140 trolled towards the nuclear plant and started picking up a fish here and there. 


Best speed was 2.8

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2 hours ago, FBD said:

Trailer bearings ok?  Sounds like a great first trip.  My 22' is sitting with the house battery on the charger seeing if I need to replace it or not...


Actually, no not at all. The spindles are bad so eventually the bearings get crushed. The tire starts to wobble and if you don't take care of it. The big nut on the end gets grinded down. Then the tire flies off. While we were on the water yesterday, the axle bolts finally showed up. We're going to fully replace the axle, hubs, tires. This was also a new battery & new flare purchase year too.

I want to eventually get this. https://siriussignal.com/ Kinda need more people to know about it first. I think we've got 25 flares in the boat now. 

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I have enough expired ones stowed away to subjugate most third world uprisings...

My boat it's batteries, impeller, and bearings.  One of those if not more always needs attention early in the year.

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