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Buckets for trolling

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I did buckets for one season - it worked ok, but not as well as a set of good bags.  Storage was a pain, they took up too much space on the boat when they were not in the water.

 I bought a set from Dick Boyajian 4 years ago and they are still in great shape.  Used them 2 seasons on the 24' Fourwinns, and 2 years on the 32' Wellcraft.  I bought a 36" set and I can get the Wellcraft down to 1.6 if needed.  Most the time I only run one on the same side as what every motor I'm running while trolling.   This puts me at 2.2 at a dead idle 700 RPM  and 2.5 @ 1000 rpm.

The bags are vinyl coated canvas - very well built.  I would stay away from the Nylon bags as most that I have seen used only last about one season before they are torn to shreds. 

check out this thread on bags  -  it has a couple sources for bags, plus contact information for Dick Boyajian.


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Get a good set of bags. You will like them far better than the trolling plate. The bags let you maintain good boat control, stabilize the boat, and slow you down. Rig the bags so they run mid-ship and they will be out of the way.

The trolling pates will definitely slow you down and they do so by directing the props thrust to the sides and not the back. Steering on an IO depends on prop thrust so steering and boat control suffer with plates. Been there.

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plates is much better than buckets but bags are better than a plate. I tried 2 buckets once and they just didn't get me down to speed. I used plates for some 30 odd yrs and tried several brands. the easy troller has worked the best for me. then I found a pair of trolling bags, and my son talked me into trying them, now we use the bags.

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8 hours ago, backoneerie2016 said:

Tried my bags last Saturday. I love em!

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the more you use the bags the more you'll like them. I tried a pair of drift bags many yrs ago and didn't like them at all. the backs of the bags didn't tie off like trolling bags. but once I tried trolling bags I loved using them. now its so easy to put them out. and when we move we just pull the bags over the side of the boat and leave them tied off. so we just pitch them over the side when we start another troll.

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