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Bestie River Warm Water Blues

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Betsie River Warm Water Blues (to the tune of Folsom City Prison Blues)

I hear them Kangs a comin’

They’re splashin’ across the sand

And I ain’t seen my bob drop since I don’t know when

Cause they’re stuck out on the sand flats, on a warm sunny day

And the snaggers keep a comin’, up the benzonia way.

When I just had a yellow rod, and I fished with yarn and lead

I simply didn’t care how many spawners would always end up dead

I’d snag them in the bung hole, and give them freezer burn

When I see them kangs a splashin’, I know that we don’t learn.

I bet there’s rich folks lining with fancy fly fishin’ gear

They’re probably smokin’ Cigars, and drinkin’ import beer.

Well I know we got it coming, especially those who fish gut

Those kangs won’t keep a comin’

I know that I’m not a nut.

Well if we could keep all the alewife

If we had some more high water year

I’d bet that they’d keep reproducing, just like the deer

Those far northwestern rivers, that’s where they’d stay

But I feel the collapse a coming, comin’ faster everyday.


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i live a couple miles from the betsie. I see some of the worst types of so called sportsman mostly in the monthes of september and october. i keep a couple for steelhead eggs, but try not to go near either homestead dam or the campground during the salmon run. It just sickens me. You summed it up well with your song.

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