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The maiden voyage this year was Pentwater Saturday am.

We started in 70 fow only to get 3 fish. Headed out to deeper water to look for better temps, and found them in 165 fow. Finished the morning with a box of 10 for the 2 of us.

Sunday am we went back out to that 165 range at 6 am, and had our 15 by 8:30.

Top 40' was best, but we did pull a few from the 100+' down depths. Silver Streak spoons did all the damage ran behind 150 32#, 200 32# Bloodrun copper, as well as riggers set at 30-40' down. Sorry I forgot the names of the spoons we where using, and did not get a pic of them.

Saturdays catch.


Sundays catch.


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