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It starts out last Friday by going out prefishing for the Michigan Steelheaders challenge. I left the dock at 6:15 with my good friend Jeff and Capt Denny. We set up straight out in 40 fow and trolled to Saugatuck and back finishing the day around 1pm and going 16 for 19. With 2 Steel Head and 14 Kings 4 shakers released.

Heres what worked.


  1. Gold Rush Silver Streak Mini
  2. Lemon Berry Reg. size Steak.
  3. Skittles Silver Streak
  4. Green Muffin Silver Streak
  5. Metalic Grindstone Mini Streak
  6. Silver Streak Mag Metalic Green Glow Froggie
  7. Silver Streak Org. Chilly Willie.

and the catch



Saterday was definatly not our day, we went back to the same area we prefished with exact same spread and managed 5 for 7 and only weighing 17 and change with our 5 best fish, "not good".:no:

Today was another day ,left the dock with my good friend Dennis around 7:45 and desided to run south a ways. We set up near Saugatuck and trolled south to near the point and back. We finished the day at 1:15 doing 13 for 16 with 9 kings and 1 laker in the box, released 3 rough looking drop back Steelhead. best water was 55 ft and the troll was straight north:thumb:

Heres what worked


  1. Blue Metalic Glow Frog
  2. Blue Mango
  3. U of M Frog
  4. Green Metalic Glow Frog
  5. Green Metalic Dragon Rib
  6. U of M Dragon Rig

And the catch



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