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Looks like it may be time to start moving out a bit.

Saw the water at the buoy had warmed up to 40+ degrees top to bottom, so decided to head out a bit. Made it to 120 fow with no marks and decided to turn around when surface temp finally dropped to 41 degrees.

Set lines in 100 fow and began trolling SE. Had some isolated marks on the bottom in 85 fow but nothing impressive. Turned south when finally made it to 15 fow and fished 15-20 fow until Saugatuck. Picked up a coho shaker on 3 color on the turn in the plume.

Frustrated by lack of success in skinny water my 3 trips so far this year, I changed over to more of a king program and began trolling NW.

Wound up with 3 more kings 5,8, and 8 lbs on 3 hits trolling 80-85 fow back to Holland. Speed at the ball was 2.5 - 2.7. Temp in that range was 44 up top and 42 degrees 75 feet down.

Braid dipsey on 3 105 back with DW Alygator spoon.

Rigger 45 down with mag Moonshine Agent Orange.

Rigger 40 down with pink/light blue holo spoon that I've forgotten the name.

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