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Miami Back Country Peacock Bass Report 01/14/14

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Well folks the Miami Peacock Bass fishing is still going strong. With big fish being caught on a regular basis. Also we're having days with multiple species being boated and released. Including Snook and freshwater Jack Crevalles.

I had the opportunity to take a nice fellow from Michigan out for his first Miami Peacock bass. Terry actually was just passing through Miami on his way to the Caribbean for a short vacation. With a few hour lay over in Miami...Perfect! He hoped in a cab which is a 15 min ride from the airport, and was literally fishing within 45 minutes from landing. It didn't take long before he landed the first on many Peacock bass he caught in the few hours we fished together. He was also very surprised at the wildlife we have down here. The Iguanas,and Manatees really got his attention. I loo forward to doing it again.

Terry's 1st


One of many


Miami wildlife







I also had the pleasure of taking out my wife for a half day of fishing and scouting out new areas. Needless to say she really tore them up! Landing some real brutes which really tested her fish fighting skills. We also got a couple of double hook ups along the way too. Gotta love it when the fis cooperate. Anyways I took a few pics during the trips for memories. Thank you for taking the time to read our reports. Hope ya enjoy them.






Capt. Tony

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Capt. Tony, Keep the reports coming. I'm holed up here in MI until Spring and those warm weather reports get me by.:thumb:

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