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  1. Thanks guys! Don't worry Spring is right around the corner.
  2. Good news for the Miami area Peacock bass fishing enthusiast! Peacock Bass are being caught in good numbers in the southern inland systems, and lakes as well. With still a mix of Lg. Mouth Bass, Snook, baby Tarpon,and a few fresh water Jack Crevalles being landed too. This is has to be one of the best times of year to fish for beautiful Peacock Bass, and to land a big one too. Most days the weather has been very pleasant with temps reaching the low 80"s, which is keeping water temps very comfortable for these fresh water brutes. I was fortunate enough to take out a couple of clients on days that were absolutely perfect. Coming from up north, it needless to say they were very pleased with our weather...and catching a bunch of fish doesn't hurt either..lol. Everybody went home with fond memories, and big smiles. My first trip was with solo angler Cory from Toronto, who came down on business. He's an avid freshwater angler up north, and wanted to sample some of our tropical species...mainly Peacock Bass. We meet at the ramp, went through our safety talk, and headed off. Boy!!.. did he have a hot hand!! It was literally about 40 minutes before he had his freshwater SLAM. Landing Peacock Bass, a Snook, and large mouth bass, all on artificials. Now that's what I'm talking about!! On our second outing I had the pleasure to meet up with a very pleasant couple from Oklahoma. Newlyweds Cam,and his wife MiLann we're down here for their Honeymoon enjoying our weather. They informed me that had read and heard stories about how hard Peacock Bass fight compared to other freshwater fish. They were about to find out. MiLann was the first to score and proceeded to quickly outpace Cam ... she was using live bait. Cam not to be out cone started his comeback and caught up quickly using small swimbaits, and minnow like lures. It was a blast out there with them. Oh..did I mention they both caught SLAMS during their day of fishing. Once again smiles all around! Thank you for taking the time to read our reports. As always I look forward to the next. Capt. Tony Cory from Toronto's first ever Peacock Bass. Cam & Milann from Ok.
  3. Well folks the Miami Peacock Bass fishing is still going strong. With big fish being caught on a regular basis. Also we're having days with multiple species being boated and released. Including Snook and freshwater Jack Crevalles. I had the opportunity to take a nice fellow from Michigan out for his first Miami Peacock bass. Terry actually was just passing through Miami on his way to the Caribbean for a short vacation. With a few hour lay over in Miami...Perfect! He hoped in a cab which is a 15 min ride from the airport, and was literally fishing within 45 minutes from landing. It didn't take long before he landed the first on many Peacock bass he caught in the few hours we fished together. He was also very surprised at the wildlife we have down here. The Iguanas,and Manatees really got his attention. I loo forward to doing it again. Terry's 1st One of many Miami wildlife Iguana Peacocks Manatees I also had the pleasure of taking out my wife for a half day of fishing and scouting out new areas. Needless to say she really tore them up! Landing some real brutes which really tested her fish fighting skills. We also got a couple of double hook ups along the way too. Gotta love it when the fis cooperate. Anyways I took a few pics during the trips for memories. Thank you for taking the time to read our reports. Hope ya enjoy them. Capt. Tony
  4. Hey everyone here's our Miami Back Country report for this week. I had the opportunity to take out a couple of Peacock Bass charters this week, with some real cool people. The first was a great guy from Seattle Wa. who was staying in the Keys on vacation, but wanted to do some Peacock bass fish'n before enjoying the rest of his vacation in sunny S. Florida. We started off early in the morning in hopes of jumping a few of the numerous Tarpon we have in our systems....they weren't in the playful mood. So we went off into the canal systems on a Peacock bass search and destroy mission. My new friend Len was not disappointed, with numerous Peacock bass coming aboard to shake hands with Mr.Lelevich. Another happy customer goes home with good memories of what the Miami Back Country has to offer. On my second charter I met Jerry, and Charlie. A father and son duo from the great state of Texas. Seems the the Charlie(son) had a Bucket list, and Miami Peacock Bass was high on that list. After a coupe of quick chats on the phone I informed him that we were gonna fill that Bucket with Peacocks..lol. Anyways we met up on Tuesday morning for a half day of fishing. Almost immediately we were on fish, with a nice Snook and about a 5lb Lg,mouth bass to start. Then came the rain...which completely turned the bite off. So we decided to do it again on Friday using the bigger boat for a little more room...They grow'm big in Texas..lol This time we met at the ramp in the early afternoon, to hit the Peacocks at their prime feeding hours. You gotta love this kind of fishing late starts and, hot bites. So we headed straight into the Miami Back Country for some hot Peacock bass action. On FIRE is all I can say!! Almost every spot we hit had multiple hook ups and, many doubles landed. Charlie and Jerry can definitely scratch Peacock Bass off their list now. Oh...wait did I forget to mention that they completed a rare Miami Urban Slam too..? Well they did on their second trip....With a couple of species of Snook (Common, and Fat), Lg. mouth Bass. a big "freshie" Jack Crevalle joining the fun, and of course Peacock Bass. With a few other species of chiclids also caught. Anyways I was very fortunate to bear witness to such a great couple of days of fishing, and hope to do it again soon. We took a few pictures off the trips for memories and to share with yous. Thank you for reading our reports and I look forward to the next. Mr.Lelevich Charlie and Jerry Charlie's 1st Peacock bass One Snook in the boat and a mystery on the line... SURPRISE!!!! http://www.miamibackcountrycharters.com/
  5. Well folks, sorry for not posting a report in a bit. Seems like I'm never home anymore. But when I am , I try to make the most of it. I had the pleasure to take a couple of charters and a few friends out to the Everglades for some Bass fishing. Right now till about the end of March I'll be concentrating on these types of trips. With the water levels dropping in a hurry, the fish are staging in the deeper pockets of water, and canals. It's mainly an early morning, late afternoon bite. Arti's seem to taking fish whether deep or up against cover. The numbers are crazy, with trips boating over 100 bass and probably 100 monster bluegills too. If that ain't being over run by superior numbers...just ask one of my "sore-armed" clients...lol. Anyways we took some pics for yous to check out. Thanks for taking the time to read our report.
  6. Well folks the Peacock bass fishing is still hot despite the cooler temps. we're having now. I had the pleasure to take a very nice couple from N.Carolina on a day of Miami back country fishing. They had high hopes of landing some Peacock bass...they weren't disappointed. Catching a Miami backcountry slam between the them, consisting of Peacock bass, Snook and a couple of baby Tarpon...not bad, huh. The bite in the Miami area has switched over from tiny minnows to larger(shiner sized) baits. I had Robert throwing arti's in the 3-4" range while his wife used baby cichlids as bait. Needless to say wifey out fished hubby by a landslide....it happens all the time..lol. As always we had a great time and I look foward to doing it again . Anyways we took a couple of pics of the day for yous to check out. www.miamibackcountrycharters.com
  7. Yup, the bite is still hot folks! The flood gates have been opened ,and all kinds of mayham is going on in our Urban systems. I'm having clients with catches of 20+ Peacock bass in a trip...along with other species aswell...What other species you say? Well the baby Tarpon have been feeding along with some Snook in the early evenings. Top water plugs have been being attacked repeadetly. Had a friend out for a quick Peacock session, and he scored big time. With double digit catches and on one cast , he caught two Peacocks on one lure. Took some pics of the day for yous to check out. Thanks for reading our report. www.miamibackcountrycharters.com
  8. Well folks the Urban fishing scene in Miami is going very. As the days grow hotter so has the Peacock bass fishing. Ya gotta love this fishery, late starts and hot bites. Peacock bass fishing is not like other types of fishing. They really don't bite that well in low light conditions...early morning and evening. The higher the sun the better the bite, as far as I've concluded. Like I always tell my clients jokingly.."If we ain't sweating, they ain't bite'n." Anyways I went out this weekend with a good friend and client for 1/2 day of Urban fishing. The fish are still keyed in on the massvive hatch of minnows we had this year. Boy, I'll tell yous if you ain't matching the hatch..Your gonna have a long day. My friend had a real good day on the P's ,landing at least 20..we stoped counting. I also scored too. With one of the biggest Bass I've ever caught in Urban systems we have here. This girl was a beast! We only took a couple of pics of the day...Too busy catching fish..lol But here they are for yous to checkout. Thanks for reading our report. www.miamibackcountrycharters.com
  9. The Peacock bass fishing here in Miami is going steady. Good fishing is to be had early and later in the day. The afternoon rain showers are cooling off the temps and creating a good amount of current....which is always a good thing while fishing for Peacock Bass. They seem to be keying in on the huge hatch of minnows we've had this year. So remember to try to match the hatch while fising for them. I had the opportunity to get out for a couple of hours between the rains and do some scouting with my better half. She out fished me again...guess she's learning.lol Anyways we took some shots of the day for yous to check out. Thanks for reading our report. www.miamibackcountrycharters.com
  10. Fishing was good once again this week, particularly towards the end. The weather is heating up and the canal fishing is heating up as well. The Peacocks are post spawn now and are starting to school up around the bridges, busting anything that swims through. On Friday I had the opportunity to guide a very good customer to her second Miami backcountry slam. Peacock Bass, Lg. mouth bass, and the ever elusive fresh water Tarpon. Not too shabby, huh. Anyways I have some openings for the next couple of weeks if anyone wants to try for a Miami backcountry slam. We took some pics for yous to check out. Thanks for reading my report.
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