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2013 Deer Camp

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Had a lot fun at deer camp this year and we got a few deer too. The buck pole would have been nicer if my buddies hadn't missed their opportunities at some decent bucks. On opening day, the first to shoot was Ricky and he got his best buck ever. It was a real nice 8pt.


Later on opening morning, I got a 9pt. He wasn't as good on the ground as I thought from the tree and I had mixed thoughts if I should have passed him. One more year and he would have been magnificent. He had a nice looking rack so I'm still happy with him. I haven't got an opening day buck in a while.



The rest of the first week was great for deer sightings but a few chances were missed by my friends and no other deer were killed. I saw good numbers of does every sit and quite a few small bucks. Here are a few that get to live another year.



This could have been a great bow shot.


Doe season opens for us on week two by choice and my "opening day" was good. I had what I thought was a lone mature doe come in and I dropped her. A few minutes later, her fawn caught up. I had another tag and didn't need another big deer so I dropped her in her tracks too. Only one other doe was killed because my buddies were focused on bucks till the end. We have a big herd so I'm sure they will fill some tags in late season.


That loaded my freezer so I'll be doing more fishing in December but I'm sure I'll get out a few times and shoot with my camera instead of my muzzleloader unless a huge buck walks by. Most likely, the sun has set on my 2013 deer season.


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That was awesome Ed.

I'm going to have to start using my camera from the stand more.

Great way to share deer camp - thanks.

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