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Monster behind the house - NOT MINE

Just Hook'n

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So first I want to be clear - I DID NOT get this deer - the neighbor did.

I just thought everyone here would enjoy the picture/story.

So, I've been seeing lots of bucks behidn the house.

I've been sitting out with my son in the box blind.

It's nice because it has the heater, it's quiet and he can move (William is 3).

Mostly he plays on his ipod and watches movies while I watch the field.

Occassionally I get in a lesson about moving your eyes, not your head while looking for deer - and we have to be quiet - I think I get that lesson in about 50 times a night.

So, we've been seeing deer, but all at distance outside bow/crossbow range.

A buddy at work has put 4 down already this year so I start talking to him mid week last week and decide to join him Saturday morning up in Greenville to get a "guaranteed" deer down and in the freezer.

So, Saturday I meet him at work at 4:00, we head to ihop for prehunt breakfast and planning. We get up in the tree at about 5:30 and I have to say, it was a gorgeous spot. The deer normally filter down the hill in front of me (fresh with like 4 huge rubs) and go toward the swamp behind me.

Well....we are sitting there for a few hours, daylight comes, no deer.

Suddenly I hear a "swack" behind me and turn and look and he has killed number 5. Deer was apparently down wind of me for an hour or so and the guy was trying to wait until it came over to me...it didn't. She started to turn into the swamp so he decided to do me a favor and help me put some meat in the freezer... Thanks buddy.

We are cleanign the deer and I get a txt from my buddy at home.

The neighbor (not 500 yards from the box blind) shot the monster below, while I was up in Greenville. Ahhhhh Karma. I had a great time in the woods - really it was a gorgeous morning. Got to spend some time with a buddy, and overall had a great weekend. But....MAN, would I have liked to see this bad boy in real life.


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