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My wife and I took the boat up to Whitehall to spend a night with a friend. We fished both Saturday night, and Sunday am.

Saturday night was like all my other times fishing this year, with not much to show.

1 laker that we through back

Sunday am Doug and I fished north going 3/4.

2 decent sized tunas, and 1 steel. spinnies with mirage flies 30-40 down where all we could get to go.

We got 1 in 70 pre dawn, and the rest in 150 after the sun came up.

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Are you saying you didn't see that monster salmon,deadliest catch huge 48 foot boat out at 200FOW Saturday and didnt sAy Hello???? WhiteHall

I did see a big boat with a shinning halo around it. That must have been the Boltman. What is the name on your boat Robert?

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Boat name is "ambiance" wife named it we were out Saturday night early until 9:30 we started at 6:00pm just floating and trolling it was awesome we'll be out this weekend as well Saturday and Friday nights

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