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Pitiful nights in GH 8/15 & 8/16

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Had back to back pitiful evenings fishing.

Thursday rolled around from 25-125 fow never really finding anything anywhere. Ended 1 for 1 but it was so small we through it back after bringing it in. Was caught in 30 fow on a Mongolian Beef 25 dn on a rigger. No bait to speak of and no fished marked except for a few in the shallow water, but couldn't get those to go.

Friday wasn't much better fishing 85- 130 fow. Saw1 small bait pod and marked 1 fish. Trolled flies, spoons, plugs and couldn't get anything. Here's the silver lining- Just after 8:25, the 300 cu gets really heavy but doesn't take any drag. After fighting what seems to be a log I finally get head shake, so now I'm thinking a Laker. Almost to the leader and we spot a spoon on the cu from the 7 cl. After unhooking that we find a huge tangle with the 300 cu, 7 cl and the 5 cl. As I bring in the cu I find nothing attached to the spoon except for these other lines. So where's the fish? 7cl, nope took of the spoon off that to clean up the mess. Must be the 5 cl. So after hand lining 30ft of line I see movement at the back of the boat. A small fight and in the net it goes. Dad goes to take out the spoon and says "I don't remember putting that spoon on", and we proceed to undo the mess. All our lines are in but there is still a line in the water that is attached to the fish, so we bring it in. It turns out we caught a 300 cu that had hooked this fish. No one was around us when we hooked up, so we didn't snag someone's line. I guess I'm the winner of the Dumb Luck Award for the evening.

BTW- It was 17#

If this was your fish, sorry. :o But ID the spoon and I'll try to return it to you. I have the cu wrapped on a water bottle.

Sorry my report isn't very helpful tonight.

Keep Em' Tight

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