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2.5 Litre OMC (Yellow Hose)???

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I just noticed a yellow hose that goes from the carburetor to the mechanical fuel pump is disconnected at the fuel pump. I have no idea how long this has been off. What is it for and will it do any damage to the motor?

The reason I noticed is because during my last outing, when I put the boat in neutral in low RPM it would stall. (once) So I was looking to change the spark plugs and saw the end of the yellow hose was disconnected. About half way from the pump to the carburetor there is a piece of black junk in the hose, I imagine that could create some kind of blockage? It is a 86' 19' Starcraft islander with a 2.5 litre OMC.


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It's also there so that if the pump diaphragm fails the spilled fuel will go into the carburetor and NOT leak into the bilge. A fuel leak to the bilge can be disastrous. Like KABOOM. Get a new piece of clear plastic tubing and hook it back up.

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