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  1. I would like to know the same thing. Spent quite a while trying to figure it out and also sent a email to the webmaster a while back.
  2. Reduced to $7500, would like to sell this year.
  3. In my contracts, it is written the delinquent party is responsible for all collection cost AND any attorney fees that we incur for the purpose of recovery.
  4. That must of been the fish we lost on Sun.
  5. My net broke clean off of the handle on Sun. trying to get a 24 pounder in the boat. Didn't have a spare so we were screwed and had to hand grab the others. A friend that is fishing in Manistee also broke his net on a 30 lb Salmon on the same day. (Yesterday)
  6. http://www.michigansportsman.com/2013_Nets.htm The link above gives general coordinates to avoid the nets in the Ludingtion area.
  7. I am selling my 20' 1986 StarCraft Islander. I have recently purchased a larger boat. It is very well maintained and you wouldn't know it is a 1986. The EZ-Load trailer was repainted 3 years ago and new tires were installed 3 years ago. This boat trailers very nice. It has a 2.5 liter OMC engine and is a fuel sipper. The boat will plane and cruise at about 22 mph. It does not have a hour meter. This boat is equipped with: - Lowrance GlobalNav 310 GPS - Lowrance X85 fish finder - Compass - Uniden Oceanus ship to shore radio - Porta Potty - Small Portable TV - Bimini Top - Mooring Cover - 2.5 Liter OMC Engine (Fuel sipper) - OMC out drive - Dual marine batteries - Battery selector switch - Wind shield wipers - Spare Michigan propeller prop - Planer board mast - 2 Planer boards - Great Lakes Planer Rocket Launcher W/ Lights. 14 Rod Holders. (Lights are not wired up) - 2 Great Lakes Planer low profile dual dipsey rod holder. - 2 electric 5600 Invader downriggers - 2 Manual Invader downriggers - 3 down rigger balls - Custom built tackle storage center under the captains chair. Tackle stays with me. - Large cooler - Salmon net - Life jackets, flares, horn, throwable. Inspected by the coast guard in 2012. Asking $8500 Located 35 mins NE of Grand Rapids, MI Call 616-894-0699 Best to call in evenings and leave a message. or email: [email protected] Jason
  8. I am selling my boat and in the Boat for sale section, it is says I do not have permission to make a listing. Does any moderators know why? Thank you Jason
  9. I just noticed a yellow hose that goes from the carburetor to the mechanical fuel pump is disconnected at the fuel pump. I have no idea how long this has been off. What is it for and will it do any damage to the motor? The reason I noticed is because during my last outing, when I put the boat in neutral in low RPM it would stall. (once) So I was looking to change the spark plugs and saw the end of the yellow hose was disconnected. About half way from the pump to the carburetor there is a piece of black junk in the hose, I imagine that could create some kind of blockage? It is a 86' 19' Starcraft islander with a 2.5 litre OMC. Jason
  10. http://www.youtube.com/user/meatfishing/videos?view=0?feature=mhee
  11. I was so into the reading, I stayed up until 1 am last night. It was like a good book I couldn't put down. So many little tid bit's of information to look for the little things that may turn in into a big problem or that may have resulted from a big problem else where.
  12. Just got off the phone with Mark and he doesn't typically go that far this time of year, but after I look at the boat on Sat. and if I am satisfied with it, we might be able to work out a time. Thanks for the referrals.
  13. http://www.pcmarinesurveys.com/Marine%20Survey%20101.htm
  14. Thanks Matt I will give Mark a call. Wasn't sure if he traveled that far.
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