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Port Sheldon 7/17 PM on Lef-T

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Great night on the water, hot weather and hot fishing, ended 7 for 9. We took 6 Kings and 1 Steel. Lost a Steel on a free slider after a short aerial show:cool: and lost the other one on 300' of copper. Had all of our hits between 80 and 115 fow, direction of troll did not seem to matter. We had 4 hits, took 3 fish on 300' of copper with a SS Sponge Bob, 1 fish on 250' copper with SS Tequila Sunrise, 1 fish on DR down 78' with a Blue Dolphin and 1 on same rigger on a free slider with an NBK. Caught the Steel on a Blue Bubble set up on a Dipsey back 135' set on 3, the Steel we lost was on a free slider Double Orange Crush with the weight down 64'. The flies were a little annoying being somewhat kept at bay with bug spray and the fleas accumulated after our lines were in the water a while. Had great fun with 2 of my brothers last night, good times. We went on Lef-T because my boat is not running right, hopefully fixed early next week.:thumb:

2013 Fish Count

Coho's : 4

King's : 27

Steelhead : 1

Laker's : 2

Brown's : 2

Total : 36

Trips : 13

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