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Holland, Cinco De Mayo Weekend 2013

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Had a great couple trips this weekend with some great friends.

Friday we went out of Holland after the drenching rain ( 10 minutes of it ). We went down toward Saugatuck to try to find some fishes. Played around in 60-80 fow from just north of Saugatuck to south a ways, and back up north. One fish on flasher fly (laker) on dipsey out 120. First king of the season dove a 100 copper board twice on his way to find shore, lost. Caught another laker somewhere in there on a rigger, caught three very nice kings on all dark spoons - UV black with a red eye on it and black screwball. Strange.


Sunday morning we went out again looking for kings in that same water...found very little going on, other than a lot of boats who must ahve read the same reports we did (everyone was in the same water). Did find a few fish there, but no pattern to the lures - darks were definately not working like they did Friday. I think we got fish on Moldy Muffin, Blue Mango, Blue Chilly Willy, a #6 Splatterback Ace Hi Plug on the rigger, UM Froggie, Lemon Ice, and ???. Ended up finding most fish in 120-140 and had a great time. Both trips the lake was mostly flat.


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