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  1. I run 50lb power pro backer and I have never had this problem occur. Not in 7 years anyway. I would think about switching all your copper/leadcores to power pro.
  2. Churches tackle sells lighted flags.look it up on their web site. Or at least they did have.. Ive got them on all my tx44 planer boards and love them. But I would assume glow sticks would work to.
  3. Typical June fishing. Pack up and hit Saginaw bay for some eyes. Return to the big lake in July/August!
  4. Went out the 13th and we had same trip as you. Not many talking on radio either. This they might have ran already. This cold weather and all the heavy rain we had lately I wouldn't doubt it. Oh well it's deer hunting time now! Thanks for the report!
  5. I agree j-plugs are the go-to lure for big kings. I myself use a lot of long lines I.e copper,leadcore.. I've started from the beginning with only Riggers. Then it progressed to lead-core then more lead-core. Then copper came out and I started to accumulate copper set-ups. I'm not saying that long lines produce the most fish, it's just some days they are on fire! And some days they are better left out of the water. My theory is I'd rather have it and try it then not having it at all. With that being said if I were to start from the beginning with what I know now I would have this.. At least 2 riggers(some run 4) 1-wire dipsey, 1-braided dipsey, 250,300,350 coppers. 10 color, 7 color, 5 color. Lead core. Run lead core of port side, and copper of starboard side. And start accumulating your basic lure colors.. This will take time to get unless you've got $$. But if your a serious catchermen, what I've listed will bring you fish. Good luck newbie
  6. Got out a little later than I usually do but hey better late than never! Started dropping lines in 85fow headed west. Got all my lines deployed and made a turn back east. Got my first hit on a rigger down 65' in 130fow with speed at the ball 2.7. Worked 90-140 pretty good. As I was thinking of pulling lines I reached over to grab a copper line to bring it in, and my mag wire dipsey just got slammed it was out 80ft set on 1 1-/2 with big weenie green frog meat rig. Needless to say I got that one in the boat! All in all I was out 2 hours and was 1 for 2. Not bad for a solo trip!!! We shall see what happens I the AM
  7. Started out in 60 fow, and headed SW. Trolled all the way out to 160 before we turned around and started to head NE. Nothing happed until we got into the 80-90 foot range when the wire diver out 75ft set on 1.5 with a 10" cracked icee paddle with artic blast fly started screaming. Laned a nice king. Did a big circle and went threw the exact spot again and my god the wire lit up again. This time it was a nice co-ho. So we worked 70-90 and managed to pick 4 for 5 up. Nice time on the water as usual.
  8. Nice catch! Hopefully this stays the same way until I get out there this weekend.
  9. There is nothing fun about it that's for sure! I have had very good results with my 350,400,450 coppers in the past. There is always a lucky someone on the boat that gets to reel the long ones in! Well hopefully UPS comes tmrw so I can start rigging them up! Again thanks for your opinion and good luck out on the water. Thanks!
  10. So if I use 50# power pro braid for my backing I should start with like 100 yards? Maybe 200yards? I've got both 32# and 45# so I want to use the 60# for my deep deep coppers. My plan is having a 300,350,400,450 of 60#. In your opinion do you think it's good to go every 50ft? Or should I go like every 30ft?.
  11. I've picked up several okuma 55L. Thanks for the info guys. Can't wait to get out and run this new copper!
  12. What are you guys using for backing on the new 60# blood run copper? I currently have a bulk spool of 50# braided line I used for my 32# copper but was thinking I might need something more stronger for the heavier copper? What are your thoughts?
  13. I am trying to plan a trip to the east side of the state in Lake Erie . Is there some basic fishing equipment that I should buy for fishing for walleye? Bottom bouncing sinkers? Crawler harnesses? I don't have much experience fishing like this, I'm used to salmon fishing. What should my speed be? Any info will help fellas. Also is there a recommended port that any of you have been to? Thanks
  14. After a long day of putting ALL of the stuff back on the boat finally launched around 3 pm. We came out of the channel and headed NW, dropped lines in at 50 fow, picked up our first one within 30mins after setting lines and it came on a 150 32lb blood run with a mag blue dolpin in 57 fow continued NW until 110 fow then turned around and headed NE, managed to pick up one more before we had to go in and meet friends for supper. The 2nd coho came in on 250 32lb blood run with a regular size watermelon spoon. Both were decent size, but not bad for the first time out. Heard of guys way out like at 200 catching nice sized kings. If we had the time we would have been out there right along side them. Oh well there's always tomorrow!!
  15. Excellent! It was scary low about 2 months ago. We even though we would have to lower our docks, I haven't been out since we got all this rain. Going this weekend. Thanks again . See yah on the water
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