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Holland 04-28-2013 - Shakedown

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Well, we dumped the boat in the water Saturday afternoon and got it all ready to go Sunday morning. Pulled away from the dock at probably 6:15 and just kept it under wake speed to the channel (didn't want to risk hitting logs). Got lines set at maybe 7ish in 75fow heading sw and man was it nice (despite a little rain). Flat flat flat. Only managed a few fish (2 lakers and two kings, one of which was a short), but we had a great time.

Shakedown cruise under our belts for the season and a few lakers for the smoker.. :thumb:

We tried about everything, body baits, spoons, flashers flies, etc.

Got one on a UV green splatterback spoon from SS on 200 copper, one one a small orange spinnie and blue fly on a dipsey on 1.5 back 120, one on 300 copper with a UV green splatterback spoon from SS, and the small one hit a jointed rapala on 3 color yellow and red fire stripes.

All in all a good day on the lake.

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