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uv coating ??

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The sun has UV rays. UV rays penetrate the water deeper than other rays. Fish supposedly see UV different than we do. Lures with UV capabilities are seen better by fish. The UV paint and coatings reflect the UV rays. A lot of the older paints also had UV brighteners. Shine a black light on some of your old stuff and you may see why some of your old favorites seemed to work better than others. Shine a black light on white cloth after being laundered. Most detergents also have UV brighteners. :)

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Many dance clubs have black lights as part of their lighting. Amazing how bright certain white shirts were/are in that environment.

In theory a lure that reflects UV can be seen by salmon when other colors can't be seen because the light frequencies of the visible spectrum (red, yellow, green, blue, and violet) are filtered out as you get deeper in the water column while UV (ultraviolet) is not filtered out as deep.

There are also substances that absorb light frequencies and in effect transmit light as the "stored" energy dissipates -- which is why glow and super-glow paints glow after you "charge" them with a light source and they glow longer when you use a very high intensity light like a camera flash. If that absorbed light is UV, it can be seen at further distances underwater in the horizontal plane as it is not filtered/absorbed by water as soon as the visible frequencies.

When a person sees an object glow under normal light you are seeing its visible spectrum light/color reflected off the object. Humans can't see UV light or UV glow. When you expose a UV sensitive object to a black light it glows in the visible spectrum but indicates that it is also glowing in the UV frequency/spectrum too. We consequently don't really know what a fish really sees as it is likely different that what we see, but it is assumed that because they at times respond to "UV" lures better than what we consider human visible spectrum lures fish/salmon can see UV. Maybe some day we will be able to ask them what it really looks like. :)

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I suspect it has more to do with the fluorescence than reflection, since polished metal will reflect UV as well. It is why you'll see sunbathers with silvered cardboard held to their faces.

If it truly was the reflective capacity, chrome spoons should be outstanding off deep riggers.

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