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Does anyone do any fish out of Charlevoix? I am remodeling a house on the lake this year, and will have access to it most of the year. At some point I will bring my boat up and do some Salmon fishing. It looks like it gets deep fast up there, with points, and sharp contours.

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Its so so. not like down here or ludington. The worst thing is the nets up there. they are everywhere and very poorly marked if marked at all. they dont have them listed like in ludington. when you do get on fish you can fill a cooler but there is times it is real slow. My dad used to always go up to petoskey and do a little better up there.

Now if you put in and go into the south arm walleye fishing can be pretty decent around holy island it is a little ride. Also straight out of the launch if you angle towards the coast guard station there is a dive wreck the Kuka. It is marked by a whit jug. if there is a boat tied stay away but if knowone is on the wreck i saw some of the biggest wally on the back end of the wreck near the old forecastle when we used to dive it. Jig it with minnows to get those hogs out of there. The fore castle was collapsed when we dove it last year and easy to hang up on it but the eyes are still lurking that area. When you are heading towards holy islad there is a ferry in ironton you'll have to watch as it is a cable drive make sure the cable is down before you go behind it. they do a lot of trolling with husky jerks around the island. You can also hook some MONSTER pike while trolling the island for walleye.

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I've fished there several times last year trailering from my house in Bellaire. I think hot & cold is a good description. I got skunked one day along with the other five boats out that day and yet caught three Kings each other time out. I have a small boat and am somewhat of a beginner so that was OK for me. The drop off is really close to shore but you have to go through Round Lake from Lake Charlevoix to get to the big lake. I'm going to look at going deeper early in the year to see if I can find fish. At first light I mark lots of fish. I'm going to work on being more effective during that time.

Good luck this summer.

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Kenny, went up there a few years ago trying to help a buddy get into salmon fishing.

We starting trolling around like we do out here (2.5-3mph) and we were blowing passed everyone...couldn't figure it out. that is until I figured out they are vertical jigging for lake trout...so if you see some "different" stuff going on up there that might help explain it.

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