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i have been catching steelhead most of my life and i know they can be very picky in what they eat and i understand the spawn thing the nightcrawler,stoneflies ect.,ect, just never took the time to figure out what they think a wax worm resembles i caught fish on them for many years is there some time of bug it resembles or what. just kinda curious as to what people think or know i know they have been liking them lately on just a plain hook

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2 weeks ago I was on the Kalamazoo river and I drug up some bottom, in the form of a rock. The crevices of that rock were filled with small larvae that resembled a small wax worm in shape and size. Only thew larvae were darker colored. I'm sure that a more experienced river fisherman could tell you exactly what larvae they were. We did not have a hookup that day, but the weather sure was nice!

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