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  1. Where? We struggled this morning. Pulled most of our deep lines and cranked speed to 4 mph, with lots of orange and pink out. Couple cohos and a steelie, 100 copper with DOC, 200 copper with blue whale, and 125 copper with farting penguin.
  2. yeah, our only fish out of PS were in tight and early. 53 down in 60-70 with white paddle/fly was it for us.
  3. pulpfishin - those are caddis larvae. And yes, steelhead do eat those.
  4. mother of pearl, white glow, green glow, and wonderbread are the go-to's this time of year.
  5. there's on on Michigan Sportsman - might wanna check there. West Michigan Fishing League. Never fished it - thought about it though. Seems like they fish mostly out of Holland and Pt Sheldon.
  6. Now's the time to have at least 2 meat rigs down. Or 4.
  7. great fishing out there - we're all getting very spoiled. Lost an absolute pig 20' behind the boat last night off Rosy Mound. Hit coyote spoon on 110 copper, and I'm not kidding it was close to 25 lbs. Haven't fished that far north this year - but it sure was good.
  8. ran north to 115 fow just south of Grand Haven to start tonight. 2 swings and misses on riggers 55 and 80 down. Mag nbk and chartreuse/puke tape job. Then 2 steelies in a row on 250 copper on stinger mag pickle (copper back) and green puke taped nbk. Another steelie on lemon/lime NK tape job, and then (finally) a king on Moonshine UV flounder pounder 110 back on braid dipsy. Another (big) king on rigger down 53' on Stinger uv green dolphin, then another on fixed slider nuke veggies 65 down in 85 fow. 5 hits on fiixed sliders tonight. Worked in from there, and it got completely nuts off Lk Mich Drive in 80 fow. 110 copper went (fish of the night - 24-25#king on coyote), then both riggers went (doubleheader) - both big steelies on chartreuse/puke mag tape jobs. Finished off with braid dipsy going twice in a row with the UV moonshines (missed both- 110 and 150 back) then 2 nice tunas on riggers 40 and 60 down in 70 fow. They ate NK purple thunder and a fuzzy bear green/blue/glow spoon(don't remember name). Another swing/miss on braid diver (moonshine uv) and another king on 250 copper and a pickle/glow Stinger. ended up 10 for 16 (ish, plus a couple rips)
  9. if you're catching them on JP Slammers. j/k of course. Thanks for the report.
  10. you're dead nuts right Ben - the currents are sick. At one point last night (out of Pt Sheldon), I completely quit using the gps and just watched cable angle on the riggers. Once we figured it out and started trolling cross-current we did great - 10 kings, 2 lakers and 2 steelies. Chartreuse and greens were key.
  11. 90 fow, trolling out. Couple of moonshines with fixed sliders above on both riggers. these will likely eventually get changed to glow kevorkian, pickle, green/blue dolphin, with nuke veggies or double orange crush on the the sliders. 1 wire dipsey deep with blue bubble spinny/glow blue fly or meat rig. 1 braid dipsey up high with something steelie-flavored 1 150 copper with something purple/glow, likely mag NK purple thunder 1 250 copper with white/white spinny/fly. 1 350 copper with glow frog paddle and big weenie meat rig 1 torpedo rig with a pearl glow J, and an early changeover to something steelie flavored.
  12. NOT a skamania. Skamanias as pure silver/blue/white bullets. Colored up, hooked jaw (kype) and pale flesh would indicate a drop-back from the spring spawning run that has not fully recovered.
  13. we were in same general area. Ditched the meat after like 9 or 10 dinks in a row, and switched over to tots and divers/spoons. Caught our 15 in 2 hours. Still a fair # of dinks in the mix (especially on spoons), but several 3-4 pounders on the tots. Fire tiger was best, both in 1/4 oz and old school rattle tots.
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