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Best Lures of the Year


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I will clarify this post and post my own answers. I meant what specific color, name, brand, etc. of a Spoon, Fly, Flasher, and Plug, or whatever else ie. cut bait, etc., was your best.

For example,

Spoon: Mix Veggies Stingray

Fly: Oceana Rapture Fly

Flasher: Luhr Jensen White/Pearl Fishscale 11 inch Coyote

Plug: Pearl/Black Dot Tomic

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Hit Man -

Just playing - I do however prefer spoons over the others as I generally fish with pretty light line for a Big-O troller. (8-10 Lb). Favorite being a Bloody Blk/Silvr R&R w/glo ladr.

In general, "if it don't glo, it don't go" (in the water)

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Cazniks top picks:

Spoon- Mag. Yellow tail (Silver streak)(Down rigger)

Mag. NGK Moonshine lure (SWR Downrigger)

Mag. NBK Stigger lure (Full Core Rod)

Fly- Cazniks Glow fly (At night on dipsey rod)

Flasher- Blue bubble spin doctor (Dipsey Rod)

Plug- #3 green scally J-Plug (on full core)

Anything else- A great crew.

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DIRTY DOGS top picks :

spoons: stinger stingray nbk or org killer on full core and s.s green dolphin with a glow back on a rigger

flies: gotcha blue bubble glow or seaweed glow

dodgers or flashers:white with scaley tape dodger and a blue or green crome 8" spin dr.

plugs :3# silver cut throat j-plig on the riggers or a dbl glow sivler horde not sure of the name but is dark grey with white and pink dots that glow

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