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Got out to do a little fishing with my brother tonight. We started out at 6:15in 110 fow trolling WSW out to 180 fow. Nothing. Trolling back in we ended up with a huge tangle between the 300 copper and the dipsy on a reset. After untangling the two, we finally got a full spread in the water and took a hit in 120 fow followed closely by a second one in 117 fow. Both were deep and off riggers 105 and 90 dn. Pulled lines 2 for 2 at 8:45. Sounded slow all over Grand Haven tonight.

Here's what worked:

rigger dn 105 green splatterback Ace Hi 120fow 50 back- 13# King

rigger dn 90 white paddle BW Chili Fly 117fow 10 back- 8# Coho

Water temp was 68 degrees 90 feet down, and speed was 2.1-2.3 at the ball. Lots of empty boxes tonight, but it was nice to get out from a few hours.

Keep Em' Tight

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I was fishing out of GH last night just south of the peirs in 130-140' of water. We had 45 degree water 100 down. 90 down the water was 52 degrees. We marked a ton of fish on the graph but the fishing never really got hot.

We had a knock off on a rigger running 70ft with a 11" green paddle/pickled sunshine fly.

Lost a fish on 450cu Seneca Special SD with mirage purple fly. (Hook broke)

13.5lb King on 260cu Moonshine Flounder Pounder J-Plug.

10.5lb king on 200 cu Blue Dolphin SD with Blue Bubble glow fly.

2.5-2.9mph speed at the probe. Set lines around 6:30pm and pulled them at 9:00pm

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