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  1. I was trolling in with you on your run in. I was wondering what you were running that we wernt Nice trip for your students!
  2. Yes you use boards. No you don't attach the board to the copper or leadcore as you could ruin the line. Depending on the setup many people will use power pro braided line for backing, then attach 10-30 yards of mono to attach boards, then the leadcore or copper and then the leader. If you have big enough reels you can just use a mono backer, the copper or lead and then the leader.
  3. I just picked up some suffix advanced leadcore. It advertises 30% deeper than standard leadcore. Based on the claims of a 7-8 foot dive per 10 yards it puts it on par with copper. At 2.0 mph 300 feet of 45# blood run copper dives 70 feet and a full core of the new leadcore dives the same. After fighting a fish earlier this week on the new suffix I will have to say the sensitivity was much better than the old leadcore and even better than the copper since the new line is so much lighter. Also much, much easier to deploy. The downside is the price. Wow its expensive! Like many of you i already have a bunch of money invested in copper. But if your just starting out it may make sense to give this stuff a try.
  4. It relates to fishing with lead core. Lead core line is split into 10 yard colors so 1 color is 10 yards, 2 color is 20 yards, etc. Each color sinks ~5 feet depending on speed.
  5. 2 came on 4 color, 2 on rigger 27 down and 1 on rigger 32 down. The 4 color is the suffix advanced so it runs like a 5 color. First 3 fish came between 8:30 and 9:00. With the last around noon.
  6. Talked to a couple guys at the launch and they caught around 50. I was out last weekend and we caught a fair amount. Looking at the fish we caught the females are going to spawn any day now so you better get out there if you want to catch em!
  7. Fished 50-60 feet of water right out front. Finished my solo trip 5-6. 4 kings and a steelhead. All fish 20-30 feet down on Orange SS spoons except for one king on a SS hello darling.
  8. Nice morning on the lake. 4-7. 3 nice kings and a steelhead. Had a bunch of hit and runs, a steelhead dance behind the boat with my broken off spoon in his mouth and 2 lost within 30 feet of the boat. Found a board with green mono backing, 7 colors and a pretty unique lure. No name on the board but if you know what the lure was I will PM you my details so you can get your stuff back.
  9. I was fishing out of GH last night just south of the peirs in 130-140' of water. We had 45 degree water 100 down. 90 down the water was 52 degrees. We marked a ton of fish on the graph but the fishing never really got hot. We had a knock off on a rigger running 70ft with a 11" green paddle/pickled sunshine fly. Lost a fish on 450cu Seneca Special SD with mirage purple fly. (Hook broke) 13.5lb King on 260cu Moonshine Flounder Pounder J-Plug. 10.5lb king on 200 cu Blue Dolphin SD with Blue Bubble glow fly. 2.5-2.9mph speed at the probe. Set lines around 6:30pm and pulled them at 9:00pm
  10. Where did you find them? Any picture you can post?
  11. Second Season, First trip out in 2011, First Spring Coho and first time ever to St Joe. Two of us set up just south of the pier and started a south troll. Ended 10/13 on red and black thin fish, red and orange thunderstick and blue flies pulled behind small orange spin docters. Big Thanks to Captain Willis and Fish on Bait & Tackle for supplying the right tackle for the trip! We kept a pretty steady troll at 2.7 on the fishhawk and put the first 5 fish in the box in about 2 hours (Between 8 and 10AM). I think we were by the A-frames most of the time. Later I accidentally hit the throttle and slowed us down to around 2.0-2.2 on the fish hawk. Almost immediatly the poles went off. We filled the box in the next 15 minutes. We were fishing 2 boards (Brads red and black thinfish about 60 back from the boards), 2 dipseys (thinderstick 25 back and SD/blue fly 30 back) and 2 riggers (SD/Blue Fly 15 down and blue and gold thinfish 8 down). Within a 5 minute period EVERY pole went off. Lost 2 at the back of the boat because of a fish tangled in the net. I even caught one as I was reattaching a board. I'll tell you it was a$$holes over elbows in an 18.5' boat. But boy was it fun Next time I just need to remember pliers!
  12. I outfitted my Lund for the big lake last year and like you I planned on running riggers and divers. My wife caught wind of my spending before I got all my rods and reels so I feel your pain there as well I have a combination of Penn's, Okuma Magna's and Okuma Convectors. If I had it to do over again I would have only bought convectors. The Penn's are good but I find the handles on the convectors more comfortable. And for the price difference I would get the convectors first so that next year your not trying to sell a couple Magna's. Oh, and get the wife ready, it wont be long and your gonna think you NEED leadcore and copper rods!
  13. @Nailer - Thanks! Love the forums! Thanks Hotdog71! That explains the difference. I was looking at the Okuma Convector Copper Rods. http://www.okumafishingteam.com/dyn_family.php?k=247544 I will have to check out the classics. I purchased 1000' of Blood Run 45# Super Copper, treated myself to an Okuma CV55L and CV45 over the holidays and now just need a couple poles. Cant wait until summer to try them out. Will be the first year with copper in the program.
  14. I have been looking at the Okuma Copper rods but certainly have not seen them for $40. Cheapest I have seen them online is around $75. Would love to know where your getting them!
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