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Caseville and Grindstone City 7/01 - 7/14

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Sorry for the delay in posting.

Had great success walleye fishing out of Caseville about 5 days. 22-24' FOW was the target with hot n tots and crawler harnesses, with bouncers a must. Green was the hot color.

Limited out twice.... and also hauled in 5 20+ lb catfish... crazy.. never did that before. There were some reports as recent at 7/16 that fish moved out to 40' fow.. but honestly.. dont know where you would find that in Caseville/sag. bay basin.

Grindstone... had great action there fishing for lakers, salmon, steelhead.

3 trips produced over 30 fish. Fished 70 - 156 fow north/n. east of the reef. Caught 3 steelhead that were 8+ lbs. and caught 3 walleye... each over 4 lbs. 50' down in 100 fow on monkey puke (magnum size)...

Blue dolphin (mag) was the hot color on 7/13 for lakers.. caught 4 over 20 lbs each..

Steelhead hammered double orange crush (standard size)... while the salmon (coho, some small kings... and atlantic)... hit lemon ice, blue dolphin, monkey puke and derivations....

was surprised to catch a 6 lb king off a spin n glo off the rigger..

All in all... had a productive 2 weeks in sag. bay and lake huron.... honestly.. those that say the fishery there is dead... I would strongly argue against that.. in fact.. many of the days we fished.. which were beautiful days... 1-3 at most when wind kicked up... seemed like we were only boat in area... actually was surprised at the lack of fishing pressure.

The productive we had... equalled the production when I fish out of Grand Haven... save the fact that Salmon size/mix cannot match L. Mich. fish.

I was impressed.. had tons of fun... and cant wait to go back.

Go Blue !!

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Sounds like you had a great time and got plenty of fish too. I fish mostly Pt Sanilac and I will have to say that there are plenty of fish out there that makes it worthwhile. Mixed bags are the norm and some real nice fish can be had. No, we don't have the great numbers of kings but this has been a great season so far for salmon over here and managed 3 good kings last week. Are we on a comeback......maybe...I am sure not to the extent that it once was but still enough fish to keep me going back. It does amaze me that more are not fishing it but that is fine. We don't usually have any boat traffic issues out there. Will be heading out of Sanilac in the morning to give it another go.

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23 - 28 FOW (at the time). Fish between Oak Point and Sleeper State park. Sometimes move out to 30+ range later in day.

Bottom bouncers with crawler harness..... Green and grn/white combo seemed to work... but saw that purple/pink were productive colors as well.

1.4-1.8 sog worked for me. Weird thing was we hooked into monster catfish as welll... and that had not happened in past ten years.

I also fished out of Grindstone... and the large walleye we caught in deeper water led me to believe they may have moved deeper.... but... I found them again in same area.

Current reports from my relatives say fishing still hot in same water.

hope this helps.

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