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  1. Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about your boat. I head up this Friday but am concerned about the weather forecast.... We will make the best of it. I will update as I go along, I should get out 6 or so times in the 12 days there.
  2. Looking for any reports from the area. Will fish mostly for Salmon/Lakers/Steelhead. With the occasional diversion to walleye. Anyone??
  3. Great week of fishing, got out 3 times. Moved between 70 and 170 FOW. Went 8 for11, 6 for 9, and 2 for 4 (before being blown off water). Interesting mix of Walleye, Steelhead, Lakers (several over 20 lbs) and 2 Nice Kings ( 8 and 10 lbs). Lost a monster 25+lb Laker at the back of the boat... Net man error !! all fish on Magnum spoons... Blue/Purple Alewive color, Blue and Green Dolphin, Double Orange Crush, Kevorkian were hot. Flies and spin/glo's did nothing. Probably 70% of our fish caught on either 10 color or on sliders that were about 50 feet down.... All my fish marks showed tons of fish between 40 and 60 FOW..... this was true regardless of depth... from 70 all the way to 220 FOW. Fish were somewhat scattered, but dense when found. I was again amazed as I am every year to catch walleye on 10 color in 70-120 FOW. Goby DW lure worked great on this... did catch one on a DW LemonLime. Hope this helps.... IMO... Lake Huron fishery is great... great variety..the kings are scarce and elusive... but they are still there..... and the Lakers are getting big....Steelies are a ton of fun (did catch a nice 8 lber) and I agree with Frank/Priority one.... Walleye fishery is unmatched. That's all...
  4. very nice... I am looking forward to see what Lady Huron has to offer out of Port Austin this next week. hear of any other reports?
  5. I am heading up to Port Austin for 7/13-7/20 Hope to get in several solid days for salmon, steelies, and Lake Trout.... Have done well up there the last 3 years... Anyone have any reports that way?? Nothing I can find on the net that is recent. Thanks in advance !!
  6. I use 10 and 12 lb balls with Big Jon down riggers... I also have the TYEE easy track.. and have absolutely no problems.
  7. Thanks Guys.... Got gear from Kings, to Lakers, to steelies, walleye, and perch... Any additional updates in the next couple of days is welcome.. Thanks!!
  8. Thanks for the report.... I am heading up to Port Austin for 7/13-7/20 Hope to get in several solid days for salmon, steelies, and Lake Trout.... Have done well up there the last 3 years... Anyone have any reports that way?? Nothing I can find on the net that is recent.
  9. I hope to carry on the demonstrated involvement to bring fishing to others.... including our valued Vets... like you guys have.
  10. Thanks for the pic. Is there a chance you could post what worked, what did not, depth, etc. ?? Even the short 2 liner by Matt above is really useful.... Thanks ...
  11. Thanks Dave. I fish out of Port Austin when I do fish Lake Huron. last week, had two very productive days.. ended up 19 for 21. A good mixture of King, Coho, huge Lake trout ( one over 25 lbs, one 12 lber tagged from Alpena... my first), bunch of steelhead... This is my second year of fishing this area... NE of lighthouse and I have always... repeat.. always had a very productive day. the Kings we caught (3.. were 10, 9, 12 lbs respectively) and caught them on the same programs we use when fishing out of Grand Haven one the west side.
  12. Great.. thanks for the great report. I have a 18 foot Lund... can navigate pretty shallow water, however, do not like to "test" it, especially with rocks like Grindstone has...
  13. Hi All Headed to Port Austin for 10 days and plan on fishing Big Lake for Lake Trout, any Silver, and the stray Walleye. Need help on updates on two things: - Is the DNR Launch in Grindstone City usable? The last report I received was that water levels too low and no access from Marina area to the lake. - Any fishing reports out of Port Austin ? Hard to find any. I am excited to work this area hard again. I had great success last year and was surprised to see hardly any other boats in area when I was fishing. I limited out every trip an am very anxious to get after the larger fish, since fishing Houghton Lake mostly this summer (aside from the annual GH Off Shore Classic). Any help would be appreciated...
  14. What part did youuse the roller/brush for.. the graphics (ie.. using a template) or the rest of the hull ?
  15. Lund makes a bracket specifically for down rigger / rod holder installation to help avoid drilling through the gunnel. My Tyee was new last year... used the brackets... worked great !! Don't know of the Pro V has the same configuration, but worth looking into.
  16. I have Big Jon Pro tournament downriggers with auto stop... and I am having a heck of a time with keeping the auto stop slide on.... stay in position with crimps... no matter what I do... how "hard" I crimp the metal crimps.. they slide. Any suggestions?
  17. Thats too bad... PA it is... hope they finished their marina work.
  18. Welcom Herb...... Where do you plan on fishing?
  19. Let me know what you find. I really like the launch there... great for my Lund.
  20. and on the flip side of that Frank... I cant wait to get out and trying to figure out best timing to launch out of Grindstone City. Should I target early or late April ?? Does anyone have any input/info on the status of the launch site there, given drop in water depth? I am concerned that without any dredging, wont be able to get from lake to the small marina there.
  21. I am thinking about heading out this weekend. I have never fished this late in the year and was wondering what the fishing is like out of Pt. Austin/Grindstone this time of year. Does anyone have insight ? I have had great success this year out of Grindstone, taking many numbers of Steelies, Lakers, Coho, and the occaisional King... You input would really help my decision making. thanks all.
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