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7-4-12 PortSanilac HOT<HOT>HOT

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Got ya :lol::lol: I mean the weather:grin: We left the habor at 5:30 Had 3 fish by 7am 1 steelhead, 1 walleye, and a Pink:cool: then all the bait gone didn't mark none:eek: looked deep, North,went back where we was nothing :confused: so we headed South going in and out 70 to 90 fow at 12:30 the dippsey come undone with a king:thumb: made a loop went over the same spot nothing, we was sweating HOT so:no: more, went in 4 for 4:D had a guy and his 8 year old son on board, his son reeled in 2 of the fish that was a great sight first time:thumb:

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Thankls for the report, Grant. I have been hearing rumours of some good perch fishing, did you notice ant boats or here any chatter?

Tim they was picking up a few stripers6-10" range, had to wait at the fish cleaning station 5 guys doing perch, sound like out at the E bouy 47fow and south in the grass hole, and north at cherry creek, hope that helps;) I don't perch fish:(

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Nice job Grant. You should come over to Saginaw Bay and pad your walleye numbers:lol:. A big fish bowl right now.

I hear ya, Maybe saterday Tony we'll see what Mother nature has to say:rolleyes: forcast is saying North wind 2-4' 1to3 sunday keeping my fingers crossed;)

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