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  1. Thankls for the report, Grant. I have been hearing rumours of some good perch fishing, did you notice ant boats or here any chatter?
  2. Nice job luke, I was out sat AM myself and slow was the word. Seems like sucessfull fisherman had to make a move and try new locations. Hopefully the fish are just moving around and not moving north to outer bay. Charities and hat point are a long run for any boat. Keep up the good fishing.
  3. Fished Fri & Sat AM on the bar in 9 to 13'. Boxed 15 fri went back out alone sat and boxed 4. 1.5 oz bottom bouncers and 1.25 oz inline wts. All colers worked. sEEMED LIKE EVERYONE IS CATCHING FISH, great time to be on the bay. Good luck everyone.PS Take more crawlers than you ever think u will use.
  4. Nice job Got out today after being laid up for 2 weeks with a bad back. was going crazy reading all the great reports. anyhow went out of sunset bay by myself around noon, started in the slot but could only catch 10" fish and sheep. Noticed a small group of boats out on the bar and decided to make a move. Boxed 5 in about 2hrs with 1.5 oz bottom bouncers all three poles caught fish, firetiger,pink/black, and yellow/orange.
  5. Congrats on being a captain. Now first off the bay has been hot so if you like walleye you might want to reconsider. their is nothing better than a 2 day limit of eyes. As for Port Sanilac if you want to catch salmon you should probably be setting lines at 6:00 AM or earlier. Over the years I have ran a combo ob spoons and body baits on boards. I am partial to silver streaks, Monkey Puke, Kovorkian, Michael Jackson, Green Dolphin, and Blueberry Muffin are my favorites. If you want to catch lakers put a mongoose near the bottom. Dipseys i usually run on a 3 setting 125' to 175' back. Try Mag Blueberry Muffin and make sure your drag is set correctly cause they hammer dipseys. Hope this helps, good luck
  6. Nice weekend were you north or south of sunset bay trien to save some boat gas.
  7. Nice job were you close to shore in 10 ft or near the bar, also were you north or south of sunset bay. I ask because usually I go out of Quanicasee early but perhaps I should launch from sunset bay. Just trien to save on boat gas.
  8. Nice Job What were you running, spoons or body baits. Depth, north or south?
  9. Does anyone know if the channel markers are in yet. also anyone having sucess for walleye. its about time.
  10. fished from 9:00 till 1:30 down from bridge, boxed 6, released about 40. lots of misses, fish were biting a little short. Used 3/8 jigs w/stingers and live minnows. 15 days left. time to fish hard
  11. I fished Sun and today, boxed 4 each trip. My coanglers caught 9 keepers Sunday but only 2 this AM. Lots of sub legal fish in river, est our boat released 70 fish Sunday and probably 50 this am.
  12. Got out for first time saturday from noon till it got ruff around 5:00 pm. fished 10 to 12ft of water in slot from sunset bay to hidden harbor. Went 2 for 4 with 2 knock-off's. both fish were 18". Used bottom bouncers, 1.5ounce 90ft back with chartruese and whatever. Water was as dirty with lots of floating debree, got to pay attention while running on plane. Fishing should only get better.
  13. Has anyone taken a look the last 24 hrs or so. Can boats launch or is it time for golf. Would like to go in the am. thank you for any input.
  14. Sunset bay is a short channel, You want to ask on depth. Last spring it was shallow first part of season. The last three seasons i have started in Quanicasee and as the water warms up gradually work north. I was fishing out in front of sunset bay by memorial day, but with the cold spring , dont think i will be that far north yet. maybe season wont crash mid july like last year.
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