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90 fow, trolling out. Couple of moonshines with fixed sliders above on both riggers. these will likely eventually get changed to glow kevorkian, pickle, green/blue dolphin, with nuke veggies or double orange crush on the the sliders.

1 wire dipsey deep with blue bubble spinny/glow blue fly or meat rig.

1 braid dipsey up high with something steelie-flavored

1 150 copper with something purple/glow, likely mag NK purple thunder

1 250 copper with white/white spinny/fly.

1 350 copper with glow frog paddle and big weenie meat rig

1 torpedo rig with a pearl glow J, and an early changeover to something steelie flavored.

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We mostly run 9 rods to 11 rods. Riggers with moonshines down low and fixed sliders about 15ft above with dolpins, blue green, carmel.

Dipseys with flasher fly's white and green, or meat rigs.

Boards 1, 3, 6 color and 150, 225 and 300 coppers with mostly spoons.

I would start in 70 and look for bait.

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