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What a riot. Went south with FBD to NB for the Michianna SH kids Salmon tourny. 50 kids ages 8 to 16. I had my Grandson, 8 and Kevin had his 9 year old daughter. Never saw two kids hit it off so well. We left town at 4am and those 2 imedatily started swapping fishing stories in the back seat all the way there. We went 15 for 16 with the kids handling the rods and had about 130# box with 3 steelhead, 1 laker, 2 coho and 10 kings. Andrea won 4th place missing 3rd by .04# with a 14.82 king. Tyler had a 13# king that would have come in around 7th but opted out to weigh a 8.6# steelie that got him a plaque for big steel and 25th for the last overall trophy. They both got $25 also. THIS WAS A GREAT TOURNAMENT and very well run with some great prizes and free raffle that included 4 bicycles. Im going to talk to the steelheaders board at the next board meeting about trying to to do this here.

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