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Trailered in from NC on Thursday. Was going to fish South Haven yesterday before an issue with our kicker had us off the water before we put a line down. Pulled the boat up to Frankfort where we keep it for the summer only to find the wind significantly stronger than it was at the lower end of the lake with waves splashing over the South pier and thinking that we would not get a trip in until we come back in July.

Finally at 7 pm thought we would go check the water temp in the harbor only to find it in the sixties. As we peaked out past the break walls we found that it was 3 footers rolling in but we could fish it.

Ran straight west out to 75 with surface temp at 49 and trolled SW into it staring just before 8. Finally took a 6# king off the DR at 120 on a modified Blue Dolphin in 170 FOW. Worked out to 215 without another hit before swinging round to work in with the wind. Same set up took 8# king when we hit 175 FOW. After the sun sunk into the water we took a 10# king on a braid diver at 225 with an 11†pearl/blue paddle and a green dolphin Eye Fly in 135 FOW. Soon as we put that in the boat the 10 color with a black screwball started screaming with what felt like the best of the night. End up breaking off the nano leader that we use in the Carolinas during the winter. We talked about changing it to the standard floro we use here, but thought we would give it a chance before chasing the larger fish of the summer. Mistake! Our last fish was a 7 # laker as we just moved the down rigger up to 65 as we hit 110 FOW on a Moonshine Bloody Nose. Pulled the rest of our lines five minutes later at 9:45.

4-5 on the short trip saved what could have been a very disappointing fishing trip when you come from NC and it takes 17 hours to get here. Family wedding will keep us off the water for the rest of the weekend until we return in July.

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