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  1. Diawa HLD-WL862M is a great rod. Put an Okuma Convector 45D linecounter and 145 yds of power pro 30# backing with 1000 ft of wire. Had the blue diamonds, didn't like them.
  2. Nice fish! I live in Williamsburg. Slipped my 22ft boat in Frankfort. I've been thinking about taking my 18fter out of ER. You just made up my mind!
  3. Thanks for the great report. I will be slipping my boat in Frankfort this summer. Can't wait to get out.
  4. I guess a SWR can be whatever you want it to be. 1,2 or 3 color. Whatever puts fish in the box.
  5. A SWR is 2 colors . Gets you 8 to 9 feet below the ball.
  6. I think I paid around 120 for them. Blue diamonds were 80 when I bought them.added a 45 dollar torpedo swivel tip and still didnt like them. Daiwa's come with a swivel (fuji, I think). Paired them up with some older daiwa sealine 45 GL's that I had upgraded with power handles and carbon fiber drags from tuna tom's. Also,stay away from the nineteen strand torpedo brand wire.
  7. Tried blue diamonds, spend a little more and get the daiwa heartland rollers. MC Sports carries them.
  8. Nice job. Glad I put you on some fish Bob. Marti and I had a great time fishing with you that morning. Any pics of your 19lber?
  9. Another picture perfect day fishing around Mackinaw island. 5/6 in 80 to 120 ft of water. Boated 4 kings and a laker (released the laker). Two off downriggers set 55 and 65 ft down. purple/pink or blue/pink spoons seemed to be the hot colors.Blueberry muffin on braid dipsey 3 setting 175 back took two 5 and 6 lb kings. Lost a king off a dipsey. Nice catching them off downriggers. Had some spectacular leaps making for some awesome memories.
  10. Taking another shot at St Ignace and the Island this weekend. Any one out there give me a call on 16. Bobber O' Riley. Will post results,and possibly pics on Mon.
  11. First,I want to thank steeliebob and Yoda for their advice. We had a good day Sunday and went 4/5 with two kings. one on the braided dipsey 120 ft back. one on a downrigger 60 ft down. Two nice lakers.Lost a nice king on a silver alewife spoon on the dipsey,at the boat. Beatiful day,awesome scenery,and we put a few fish in the cooler.Not too shabby.
  12. Taking a buddy of mine out this weekend (weather permitting). He is a Big Brother and is bringing his "little brother" along. We would really like to put this kid on some fish. If anybody can give me any info (areas/colors/depths) on St Ignace salmon/lakers it would be much appreciated. If you're out there this weekend the boat name is Bobber O' Riley. Thanks! Tight Lines!
  13. Quit posting. Obviously you dont know diddly about salmon fishing. Bobber O' ROCKS!

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