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Went for a last minute trip out of Holland last night with a friend from school, his roommate and his roommate's girlfriend. Set lines in 100 FOW heading SW. Didn't mark much of anything until we got out past 160. Tried a few different directions and speeds but started off 0 for 3. Finally got a good hit on the deep rigger with the big paddle. Ended up being a 15lb king. Never got anything hot going all night. Ended up 6 for 11 with one more good fish we lost on the 10 color when he got into the 5 color.

What worked:

Big Lake Lures Glo Easter Egg on 3 color - 1 small king

Stinger UV Mixed Veggie on 7 color - 1 throwback king and 1 hit

no name Mag Blue Dolphin on 250 copper - 1 hit

Big Lake Lures Green Kato on Rigger at 85 - 1 small king

11" white crush glow ProTrol with Proctoligist fly - 1 big king and 2 hits

Silver Streak Mag U of M Frog on 10 color - 1 coho and 1 one big hit

Big Lake Lures Mod Blue Veggie on 5 color - 1 coho

The fish seemed to be missing baits alot because three of the fish we boated were not hooked square in the mouth. Also a lesson learned, if you get a small fish but then everything turns off, check your lines. We also had 3 "shakers" that we didn't notice even though two of them were decent sized fish.



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