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New Pup

Mushy's Dad

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Just picked up a new our pup. Wyatt is a 5 month old Welsch springer spaniel. He is already working with pigeons. I call him Wyatt Twerp after my favorite movie Tombstone and he is a twerp. Wife hates the nick name but its stuck on him now!


Wyatt and Mason (MushMan). I am pretty sure they are going to be great hunting buddies.


Lady and Wyatt. Lady is our 13 1/2 year old lab springer mix. She is semi retired. We have shot tons of pheasants together. It has only been two days and Lady is "tolerating" his puppy antics. Hopefully the old gal will rub off on this guy. The look on her face .... She is thinking "Warm but Irritating !"


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