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South Haven 10/5 and Modis Imagery

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Just got a quick second here....

But thought this post might help everyone going out over the next week.

We fished on Wednesday in SH and went the big fat 0 for 0. Threw everything at them. Started in 120 FOW and went all the way to 225 FOW. Dirty water EVERYWHERE. We marked TONS of fish... and we even joked at times the graph was on simulator mode!! :lol: Marked fish all over in the water column. Ran across 4 or 5 classic "scum" lines too and tried running those for a bit... but nothing. Had a few seconds before I went into work and figured for the hell of it I would check the Modis Photos to get an idea of what it looked like out there.... and boy... was I AMAZED!!!

Here is where the Modis Imagery website comes in. Check these photos out... talk about dirty water along the east shore of Lake Michigan :eek:

Great Lakes Modis Imagery

Click on any one of those individual photos on that website and it will give you a blow up of that photo.

So... don't get me wrong... there are definitely fish out there to be caught... but I suspect this had something to do with it. Sure looks like you have to go out quite a ways to find clean water. As it was... the visibility in this dirty water is about 2 feet!! Not sure how far down below the dirty water extends below the surface... but we can only speculate. And I did have the downriggers down 150 feet for a good portion of the morning to see if we could get some bites if there was cleaner water below!!

Just goes to show you how that big blow and those 23 footers stirred things up this past weekend!!

Oh well... there is always next time!!:thumb:

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it is a good site to look at during the winter to check Ice cover.


Thanks for the worth while post. I haven't seen that web site before and I'm going to bookmark it along with the many other fishing related web sites I visit regularly.

Tight lines.

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Good post!

A bad day on the water is better than a good day at work.

I also use these images for checking the ice in the spring. There is already a link for the modis map in the "Satellite" link in the top navbar. Click on that and members can view the images from any of the great lakes. ;)

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