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Fished for an hour tonight in front of Deer Lick in 52 FOW. Started at 7 PM and by 8 the two of had kept 52. Threw a few smaller ones back and had a dozen jumbos. Wigglers work best, but the action was fast enough that we used minnows more. Drifting with anchor dragging seem to be the ticket. I hope the weather holds so I can get out another time yet this year.

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Where is the deer lick? Thanks

South of south haven a couple miles. There is a red house built down next to the lake. Its really the only house not built on the bluff. Deer lick is right next to it.


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There is also a small rock pile jetty that sticks out into the lake. It is not very long... giant rocks are stacked maybe 6 or 7 feet high... and you might have to go a little closer to shore to see it... but it is there. Might be a small creek emptying into the lake too depends on how dry or wet it has been. You can see both of these in the Google Map that danthebuilder has posted a link to.

When the lake water levels were at their high points in past years... used to get salmon and trout to run deerlick creek. And if anyone tells you differently... they are lying because I used to live within maybe a 200 yard walk of 3 miles upstream from the creek.

Let's just say... back when I was in my early teens... I have a story that involves a spear... and a creek full of salmon and trout one day!! :eek: This was actually before I was really into fishing and didn't know any better and was just having fun!!! :lol: Luckily.... "the Man" didn't happen to come around that day!!

Nice job on the perch!!!

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