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Spread for 4 year olds???

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Just curious what you guys do different when the big boys start to head "in" ? Ive heard that these fish stop feeding as much as they near this time. Im guessing combat fishing means no boards, no long leads, and for me a four/five rod spread with only 2 riggers on my boat and only two dipseys to fish. If it is true about big kings not feeding as much, what baits go on to get that "reaction strike" ? What really P's em off and whats your spread? Thanks

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I have taken a few nice ones on my swr runnin about 10 ft off the bottom with a happy meal and a lemon ice those two were over 20lbs and dipsy with green/crush spin or mountain dew spin with pickled sunshine has been really hot, not as big of fish yet but still got a few 15 lb,rs on that set up ive run short leads around 36" and i have hard time keepin that one down in the am

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Were gonna try something different this year and instead of circling the piers with everyone else put out a big spread on boards just like were brown fishing.

Slide divers off the corners, maybe riggers if were working deep enough, and boards out the sides with reef runners, fastracts, j plugs. Set it out and work the shorelines from 10 to 30 feet and relax instead of everyone running over the fish over and over again.

I have by accident hooked up at the gap, then 15 minutes later doubled up about a mile down the shore line.

Don't get me wrong theres fish in the gaps but there all moving at different times and coming from different directions, its not really necessary to fish directly in between the pier heads at all times.

Ive caught them on jplugs, big spoon, reef runners, and smaller flasher flies

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Flashers and flies, or Plugs. Or save your nerves and go out deep.

Yea you will have to go out deep for silver fish, the dark ones are in , Saw one jump out of the water dark and had lamprays on him too. If your after 4 yr olds try in front of the river or at the mouth of the marina. Sunday the Kyackers were working that area. They did pretty well too.

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