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Thanks to your posting from Saturday, I fished the same water on Sunday and went 2 for 2. One on a Kervorkian (9 lb. King), the other on NBK( 16 lb. King). The 9 lber hit the Kervorkian 60 down on the rigger in 62 fow. The bigger fish hit the NBK on a slider on that same rigger shortly after the first fish.

Thanks for sharing the info.


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We started north by the tower in 60 FOW just after 6 AM and hooked up before I could get the rods down. First was a small skipper king on std size MS night crawler 25 dowm on the probe rigger. Then we got a 11 lb king on green glow fly and kahuna white glow FC dispy back 70. Smallish 3-4 lb jack male ready to spawn king on the night crawler again at 25 down. Continued to work that area noting that the fish and temp were high 20 to 25 down. At 22 down the temp was in the mid to upper 40s. I put out the 3 and 5 color cores and almost immediately had a hit on the 3 color with yeck double orange crush. Once it got light enough I pulled the glows and changed over and found another skipper king on the other pickled sunshine dipsy that was still kicking.

Headed out for deeper water as they seemed to shut down in that 60 FOW area by about 9 AM.

It wasn't until about 10:30 when we turned and headed back in at about 130 FOW we got into some steelies with a 9 lb bullet on a half core with NBK. This fish never surfaced and we were not sure it was steel til we saw it.

Then we got hit on the shallow rigger and lost that steelie in less than 15 seconds. Had a shake on the 3 color with tangerine and that was it.

Finished 5 for 8 with no real hogs but 3 eaters and 2 that will work nice on the smoker. Talked with Flyboy a few times - how'd you do guys?

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