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Moonshine Lures

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  • 2 weeks later...

Green Flounder Pounder (took 3 Sat.), Mongolian Beef, Happee Meal on deep copper

Bloody Nose, Agent Orange on higher core

I have had great luck on the 1 oz spoons too ;)

More or less they all work darn good and all day.

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Love me some Moonshines, but had some spoons painted by JR's tackle last year that were just on fire. Same paint as Moonshine and as said by some, often I want a real subtle glow so don't make them nuclear. The paint JR used didn't glow too much but lasted forever. If I had to pick a Moonshine, though, Happee Meal on SWR was pretty damn productive. I did notice that depending on light conditions and cloud cover, the fish wanted different patterns.

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