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  1. Any cores in shallow water in thumb area waters are going to get you in trouble if you make severe turns....like you have to when you come up on rocky areas...or slow the boat down...if your going strictly for browns in thumb waters use F-11 rapapalas they dive somewhere between 2-6 feet depending on line test and speed and float if you come to a stop.....run your spoons on the riggers 2' to 10ft down with long leads 7-10 passes seem to work fine for me....last year plain silver stingers or silver with a blue or black strip on one side where hot...4ft down....and i even caught quite a few coho on the sliders on 6 ft riggers....yes a slider will run nicely on a rigger down 6-8ft!!! just make sure to give the rod a little slack and dont crank it right down. Don't get me wrong i still run alot of cores but you have to gas the boat when you come up on an unexpected hump, but i usually dont run any unless im going to be fishing 15ft or deeper....the short lead thing off the boards will work too but most of my browns come on the boards using leads of about 80 ft....14-16-18 passes on 27hs with 20lb line and 20 ft of 20lb florocarbon....oh and remove the front hook on any body bait that sports 3 hooks....it will save you alot of greif and lost fish.
  2. id say this is a spoon made for gander mountain ive also seen some similar with the hologram like that at franks i forget the name though.....i will look but they didnt have them long if i remeber correctly i had one that was like a lazer silver with dots that i killed em on too,,,,,......
  3. What kind of ball are u using????? a finned true track type ball with a offshore release or rubber band attached to a 1 foot lead off the back fin should take care of this!!!!!
  4. Ive never used snubbers for ne thing except attaching a set of cowbells to the downrigger balls in the 70s shhhhhhh...... if you set your drags right theres no need for them........
  5. Big Jon rod trees with the adjustable holders are the ticket i run my divers in the bottom holders and boards on the higher ones....there a little pricey but worth it and keep the rods out of my way when running nicely....best peice of equpment ive put on the boat in 20 years
  6. spitfire moonshine stingers blue moon!!!! and double trouble were best last year flounder pounder mongloian beef ratchet jaw purple nurple happy meal and yellow submarine have also done very well in the past
  7. If i had to start all over again buying spoons id buy mostly stingrays...i only have about 200lbs of spoons lol....stingers have there place for steelhead coho and browns especially..... using the small ones ie scorpions; is mostly unnessasary except for walleyes and late october when the steelhead are feeding on very tiny alewives but most people dont even fish the big lake then.....if all your fishing is in july and august id go with alot of mags.....but then again stingrays cover alot more all around aps....last week my best two spoons were stingrays on the riggers and good ole standard size pro kings.........
  8. I use the berkley ones non ball bearing.....in 30 years i have never had one fail in ne way shape or form and thats saying alot,,,, not a one..... there a little hard for some people to open and close but there well worth it.
  9. 4 divers 6 rigger rods.....for high lines too 15 core rods 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-15-17-20 color lead cores i have 2 4s and 2 5s 6 copper rods 2 500+ 2 450s 2 300s for a total of 31 lol.... lots of rods for a small boat
  10. We went 10 for about 16 right out in front all bombers on the bigger fish but the cohos came on mini streaks on the sliders......4 steelhead 3 nice kings 10-14lbs and the rest were coho most of the fish we lost where decent too.....first trip to the east and was nicely suprized......we didnt put a fish in until 9:30 am and we were done by 12:30.....started at 5:30 too so much for the morning bite
  11. um there both a peice of lead on a fishing line.....its old school presentation with a new twist.....and there hard to get out with a standard modern day trolling spread......yah if you gonna just run torpedos great way to fish but if your running 15+ rods where do you put em in you spread with out getting them into everything......and if you rig up a 1 or 2 lb ball with a leader and a snap release at the end of a foot or to of line whats the difference between a strait running torpedo and a 1lb ball....oh i know 5 feet with 250 feet of line out.....and you can run them inside your divers without yanking you divers and your inner coppers......and ne weight over 8 oz isnt gonna run on a small board......and i promise you more tourneys have been won with 1-4lb ball then have been won on topedoes...im not knocking them there just not a super weapon.....
  12. .....and that wasnt bashing its just common sence.....and 40 years of experience trying and using bout every thing there is......and the line wont affect the lure action...on lighter lures and cranks use a dubro snap and again a blood knot will quickly and efficiently connect ne lighter leader you wanna put on there.....just make sure that your connection points ie releases boards ect. have the heavier gauge line connecting them.....on my copper and leadcore rods i usally put in a 20 foot piece of 50lb between the power pro backing and the copper or core....as my connection point..this works very nicely and doesn't cut into and wear the releases as much. And for browns in the sping and walleye i use strait 20 and splice in 15lb flouro works very nicely.
  13. Cedar all the way and boards run best when waterlogged they stay down and wont skip and airplane in rough water.....and some nice old fashioned oil enamel on them goes a long way
  14. Just use 1 lb balls or dont bend the fins on the torpedos......1lb ball 2$ 12 oz torpedo $20 the choice is obv
  15. wtf are u running 12 lb for with boards for kings.....use strait 20 and if you wanna get cute spice in some 15 lb flouro for a leader....and if you use techtan make sure its the blue grey stuff and not the extra limp its a excellent line and if your worried about depth just pinch on a split shot or 5.... 4-5 feet above your lure.....works nicely for weeds too.....the trollers hand book is a nice reference but it isnt god and ne thing under 20lb with riggers or boards is just ridiculous even for walleye....the reason 12lb is recomended on there is.......lure manufactures like to sell stuff to people who take it literally......i use strait 20 for walleye too and i dont have depth issues.
  16. the ones i like best are about 1 1/4 inch long i know some people say they like the big ones but ive always done best on this size.
  17. LOL matt i thought you guys were pros at this stuff.....maybe we need a seminar.....heres the super secret stuff for manistee btw.....white and blue fluted cowbells big ones you'll have to paint them your self with a glow or yellow fire dot spin n glow or wobble glo...i like wobbles behind bells better....and shhhh dont let ne one know....lol....and steaples even or that litttle hump down by gurney are good spots and some times the 6's hold alot of trout too.....if you bounce bottom make a 5 foot extension out of downrigger wire and clip the realease to the top swivel and run like a 20-30 ft lead this will keep the zebra mussles off the hooks and bells ride down a couple of feet while riding in the plume the ball kicks up me and my dad where lake trout killers in the 70s and 80s.....and i fish huron alot for em....rich does pretty well with tin cans and the glow spinny and prospoons down south...the set up i listed above works well but i know u only run 3 riggers so cowbell down the middle and dogers on the out downs and divers and you can still run a fly in the spread for a king or 2..........i didnt realize you were the intial poster......bjorn
  18. Man its hard to beat a penn 320 or diawa 47h with 20lb mono and a 7'6 or 8'3" ugly stick or shimanto telora.....im not a big fan of tekotas they have a drag system that sticks unless u back then off alot to adjust and the one click adjust is just annoying as hell on a rigger rod....great reel for copper....just not the greatest all around...and very expensive buy american and get a great drag system with a 310 or 320...i use diawas only because ive had then for 30 + years and can rebuild one in about 10 mins....but if i had to buy new id go penns all the way......and if you go ne lighter on the line you will have nothing but problems...releases love to eat up light line.
  19. I like OO dogers and cowbells personally i like silver mostly but greens, yellows, and whites have there days....i just posted on another thread also....my favorites over the years have been green and white spin n glows or the yellow fire dot one...the glow one with pink dots is a favorite among alot of charter boats....the ones i use are bout an inch & 1/4 long....the smaller doger doesnt pull as much and seems to work just as well....as far as the leader goes i like it on the short side 12-18" using 40lb florocarbon for a leader material less will break of alot.....and i usally run them 10-20 feet behind the ball....the smaller doger will also allow you to run faster keeping your silver fish program working while your at it.....last year we did well fishing steelhead on the boards with 2 riggers deep for trout 60-70 over 65-80feet running kinda hot 2.6-3.0 i had a silver doger green white spin n glow on one and a white yellow doger yellow fire dot spinny on the other i never changed em and we limited every time usally throwing back many lakers in the process of trying to get our steelhead.... If i was just fishing for lakers on my boat i would run slow like 2.2 dogers on the outdowns say 60-70, 1 cowbell rig on a back rigger the deepest 80 down, a big silver stinger on the other back rigger like 73 down on the 60 side and 2 wire dipseys out like 130 with big dogers and spin n glows..if i was targeting say 75 feet...but its been a while since ive had the sea wolf in huron i usally take my buddies boats and he only has 2 riggers....man you'd kill em like that for sure....
  20. Its pretty tough to bounce botom ne more for lakers with zebra mussels so prevalent.....but theres a way still make a 5 foot leader with cable and attach this to you ball and downrigger cable and attach you release at the swivel....5 feet above.....or use a release that you can clamp to the cable...if you run your stuff directly behind the ball you will have problems.....and its hard to beat a doger and spin and glow or cows bells and a peanut for lakers....last year in huron a silver OO doger green spin n glow...and a white yellow OO doger with a yellow spin n glow took limits every time out...and i wasnt right on bottom most of the time 60-70 down over 75 feet was pretty good out of port sanilac.....and we fished steelhead on the boards....we did well every time well into may.
  21. Use strait 20 and splice in a a piece of lighter flourcarbon if you wanna be cute.... i use 15lb personally in the spring....the 20 can handle the pull and wear of the boards much better.
  22. Small snaps no swivel the ones with the round ends coastlocks or whatever their called on bombers, jerks, tots, yozuri's, but on floating rapalas i usally tie a loop knot or rapala knot....and in the early sping, walleye....same type lures, and for steelhead plugs in the river i always tone down the size of my swivels or use just the snap.....if twist isnt gonna be an issue.
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