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I just got off the phone with the capt, he had his first trip of the 2011 season. With me being in school i couldnt go up and help. So he was running solo hitting the pier heads and started setting. Go the 12 rods set and the forth one took off. Took out the whole starboard side lines are a good fight the biggest brown of the killin came aboard. A beautiful 16 pound brown trout. He said went all the way down to PCA nothing. Came across the cap at the pier heads and bang a double on browns. Spun back around and another double. Went back threw again nothing took a S troll and pick up two lakers one on a high diver back 10 with 100 ft lead. other on a high line. Then lost a brownine comming in to the harbor at the end. Ended 7 for 8 most of the fleet did the same.

Things that went

2 high line no wt with caramel dolphin took the 16lber

high line no wt blue dolphin brownie

2 high line no wt orange crush

high line no wt blue veggies

2 color mixed veggie.

High diver mix veggie.

Im going to be fishing on my first trip as a mate friday if the weather is good. Im a little excited!!!!!!!

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