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A few of my favorites from this year.


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Look good to me Ken...What camera did you use? I just got a new digital. Got a Sony Cybershot DSC-55H. 14.1 MP, 10X zoom, 25 mm wide screen w/35mm format. Seems to be a real nice camera. Does video, panoramic mode etc. Screens nearly as big as the back of the camera. Nice small size too. Great for hunting or on the boat as it packs away nicely.

One of the first pics i took with it in the field.


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Thanks guys.

The first 4 where taken with a Canon 40D SLR

The last two where with a 1D SLR.

Different lenses on these.

The key to good shots, is to use flash. On a daylight shot, the flash will match the ambient light, thus getting rid of shadows from the sun. (although most of these where not flashed)

Great looking yellow belly Adam.

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I'm not sure yet where my talents lie but its not photography,everything i take a picture of looks like i colored it with crayons,Ken on the other hand is very skilled I have seen other pics he has taken and there all awesome!

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im liking the bird on the rod...one of our first tourneys last year it was bad foggy and we picked up one of those buggers..completely drenched and walking all over anyone and everything..spent the whole trip with us then flew off when we passed the c.g station..one of our better trips as far as results..therefore they are always welcome:)

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