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2010 Summary

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Looked at numbers last night:

44 trips total, which to me means I had a great summer regardless of any numbers!

Would have been a lot more if not for wind. We only fished twice in June!

20 trips for just trolling, 19 perch trips, 5 combo trips.

79 big fish, for an average of about 3 per trolling trip. (Would have been way higher if I had quit after May. Only 1 brown, very few lake trout or coho. Missed the one good weekend in St. Joe in the spring, then the coho shot right past South Haven when it got so warm.

1026 perch, for an average of about 42 fish per trip, including a day of 90% jumbos, 10" and up, a MA perch lost at the edge of the boat.

Is it spring yet?

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wish I could get at least 100 perch, spent very little time on the perch this year, but did manage many large fish. Great Job for the year. Hope you saved some perch for the long cold winter.

I think we have enough to make it through the winter, but with my parents, in-laws, kids, and sisters, it could be tough.:D

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